This Is Us Finale: Kevin Reconnects With [Spoiler] as an Important Anniversary Nears — Watch Video

It’s been a while since we’ve had an update on This Is Us Nicky, but Kevin changes that when he calls his uncle before attending an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in tonight’s Season 4 finale (NBC, 9/8c). And, weirdly, Kevin’s nipple quickly comes up as a topic of conversation.

Though the men start out chatting about Baby Jack’s upcoming first birthday and what type of sneakers are acceptable for an adult male to wear, the conversation eventually turns to Kevin’s recent cologne ad (hence the aforementioned chest reference) and the real reason Kev is calling.

“Hey, tomorrow is my one-year sober,” he says. “Thought you might want to congratulate me.” Uncle Nicky considers this… then gives his nephew an answer he might not expect.

As the promo released last week hints, This Is Us‘ season-ender will feature a return to the Rockstar Jack flash-forward — possibly to show us the birth of his first child with wife Lucy — and a blow-up between Kevin and Randall that has been a long time in the making.

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