TikTok Star Charli D’Amelio Joins Jimmy Fallon to Teach Him Viral Dance Moves

Jimmy Fallon is gearing up to be TikTok famous!

On Tuesday night, the late-night host got some pointers from TikTok’s reigning queen Charli D’Amelio as she joined him on The Tonight Show to teach him some of the app’s viral dance moves.

“TikTok is a very creative app where there’s not one thing to put it in a category of,” the 15-year-old explained to the audience. “It’s 15 to 60-second videos of really doing whatever you want. Sometimes I vlog, I mostly dance.”

“A lot of people do comedy, there’s a lot of art,” she added. “It’s really all over the place and you can just post whatever you want or you enjoy making.”

In less than a year, D’Amelio has racked up a following of nearly 35 million on the app and accumulated over 2 billion likes on her videos. She also now has 9 million Instagram followers and was even featured in a Super Bowl commercial — all after joining the popular new app.

“You just have to be authentic,” the teen told Fallon of her secret to making viral TikTok videos. “You can’t fake a smile. You have to do what you actually enjoy.”

“That’s why when I’m not feeling, like, ‘I don’t what to make a video today,’ I’ll just be like, ‘Ok, I won’t post today, like, that’s fine,’ ” she added.

However, there can be a dark side that comes with the fame, with D’Amelio opening up to Fallon about some of the “hate” she receives for blowing up on the app.

“Cyberbullying really can affect people and I feel like it’s really important to raise awareness about that because a lot of people don’t like talking about the hate they get,” she said. “I know, especially me, I get a lot.”

“So, I’d rather use the platform that I have to talk and raise awareness, because yeah it hurts,” D’Amelio added. “But it hurts the same when I was at school and someone would comment ‘You’re ugly’ on my Instagram post when I had like, what, 40 followers.”

She continued, “It’s okay to not be okay. You just have to know that these people are not worth your time.”

The social media star later showed Fallon eight of the famous TikTok dances, ending by teaching him the popular “Oh Na Na Na” choreography that the pair did together.

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