'Vanderpump Rules': Jax Taylor Shares Wedding Congratulations From 'Friends' Star

Vanderpump Rules viewers finally witnessed Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright’s wedding. As fans escaped to the Kentucky Castle for the nuptials, Taylor was tweeting and shared one special video congratulatory wish.

“And this happened…. thank you @[email protected]@FriendsTV,” Taylor wrote, along with a special video. Apparently Scheana Shay was able to snag a congratulatory video from actress and Friends star, Courteney Cox. Cox stands on a deserted street and delivers her well wishes to the couple. “Hi Brittany and Jax,” Cox says. “I hope you have the best wedding day, and a life full of love. Congratulations.”

Taylor’s post lit up with fan comments, including a few hearts from Cox’s ex-husband, actor David Arquette. Shay also retweeted the video.

‘Vanderpump Rules’ friends love ‘Friends’

A Twitter fan wondered why Taylor was thanking Shay. “Because this was her wedding gift to us, and if you know Brittany and I, we love Courtney,” Taylor responded. Indeed, the couple really do love Cox and Friends in general. The two wove Friends references into their vows plus they basked in Friends inspired gifts leading up to the wedding.

Taylor shared an enormous Friends inspired quilt that included many of the iconic moments and memorable catchphrases from the show, Bravo’s Style & Living reports. The quilt featured, “Moo Point” and “Smelly Cat,” along with other memorable landmarks like Central Perk and the ornate mirror that framed Cox’s apartment door.

Vanderpump Rules started in a similar way to the groundbreaking 1990s sitcom Friends. Both casts were young and trying to find their way and place in life. Plus, budding romances were the source of drama and levity too.

Taylor re-lived his wedding day

Taylor re-lived his wedding day along with fans. He shared photos and chatted about moments on Twitter. One viewer asked about Cartwright’s dress and outfit changes. “I think she had three different looks,” Taylor replied. Taylor also shared a photo of one of Cartwright’s dresses. “I am so lucky..,” he remarked.

He also shared a video of the party. Guests and the happy couple dance as Taylor holds his wife’s shoes. “The weeee hours of the morning…,” Taylor wrote. The fact that the leadup to the wedding was also not lost on Taylor too. When a fan wrote, “Finally!!!!” Taylor agreed. “I know sorry it dragged on so long, Brittany and I have zero part of how shows are put together. Anyway enjoy, and thanks for watching,” he wrote.

Cartwright also shared a series of wedding photos before the big episode. “Can’t wait to share the most special day of our lives with you all tonight! It was the perfect day and I’m so excited to relive this moment. I hope this episode brings you a little bit of happiness with everything that’s going on 🥰 Stay safe everyone and God bless 💝,” she wrote. The last photo in the series was of the couple kissing. “THAT LAST PHOTO BRITT 😍😭✨,” Kristen Doute wrote.

Best man Tom Schwartz also got emotional on Instagram. “Just had a good cry watching tonight’s episode,” he wrote. “It’s full of love, laughs & life. Warm & cozy and funny. Dash of drama of course. Also look out for: the word dawdle , hooters tunnels , @relationshep sightings , Lisa’s Brittany impression ,@lancebass killing it as officiant, clutch tampons and lots of romance. The perfect remedy for the quarantine blues.”

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