Viewers surprised to  discover they have watched ITV’s series Innocent before

Since the lockdown has meant that plenty of new TV shows have had to be put on hold, networks have been forced to air old shows – much to the viewers’ surprise! ITV aired a series from 2018, Innocentin Monday night – and plenty of people took to social media after tuning into the show only to find that they had seen it before. 

Have you already seen the show?

One person wrote: “When you start watching a promising looking @ITV drama and realise five minutes in that you’ve already seen it and they’re repeating something from a couple of years ago #Innocent.” Another person added: “Every time someone new came on the screen, me and mum were going, ‘I recognise them, I recognise them too.’ Not remembering we actually watched this in 2018.” A third person spoke of their annoyance as even though they hadn’t actually seen it, the true identity of the killer was being discussed online, tweeting: “Didn’t see this first time around & was happily getting into it until a couple of [people] piped up on here revealing the killer. Thanks a bundle. What is it with some people?” 

Hermione Norris and Adrian Rawlins feature in the 2018 show

The four-part series focuses on David Collins, a man convicted for murdering his wife Tara, but he protests his innocence. Meanwhile Tara’s family are sure of his guilt and hate him as a result, and their two children are being brought up by his wife’s sister Alice. Then, after much campaigning along with his brother, David is released from prison on a technicality but the guilt is still over his head in the eyes of others – something he wants to change. The show was meant to be returning for a second season, but production has been put on hold during the lockdown. 

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