Vikings season 6, part 2: What will happen to Ubbe? Star teases fate

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Fans are eagerly awaiting the premiere of the final 10 episodes of the epic historical drama Vikings. Luckily, Ubbe star Jordan Patrick Smith has teased some details about his character Ubbe’s journey in the final 10 episodes. has everything you need to know.

What will happen to Ubbe in Vikings season 6, part 2?

Towards the end of Vikings season six, part one, Ubbe and his wife Torvi (played by Georgia Hirst) set sail for Iceland alongside Asa (Elodie Curry) and Kjetill (Adam Copeland).

Ubbe and Torvi were searching for Floki (Gustaf Skarsgård), who never returned to Kattegat after visiting Iceland in season five.

Upon their arrival in Iceland, Ubbe was introduced to Kjetill’s family and also met the mysterious Othere (Ray Stevenson).

Othere appeared to have links to Floki, after revealing his real name was Athelstan, the name of the Christian monk Floki had killed.

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Othere also gave Ubbe Floki’s wedding ring but explained he knew nothing of the ship builder’s whereabouts.

In the season finale, Ubbe embarked on a journey to the Golden Land, believed to be present-day North America.

Torvi and their newborn son, Ragnar also set sail for the Golden Land, alongside Othere and Kjetill.

Speaking at the San Diego Comic-Con in August 2020, Smith teased some details about Ubbe’s future, revealing he will go on a “journey”.

He said: “‘Yeah, [creator] Michael Hirst has really wrapped up the show really well.

“I think the way that Michael has written it, the Vikings really travel, and you see the family dynamic and you get to see Ubbe go on an incredible journey and I think things wrap up really well.”

He added: “I think the fans are really, really going to like it. And I don’t want to say anything more because I know I will say something I don’t want to.”

Ubbe in Viking is based on the real Viking of the same name, Ubba, who lived during the ninth-century.

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The real Ubbe is not believed to have travelled to North America and instead is well known in the history books for being one of the commanders of the Great Heathen Army who invaded Anglo-Saxon England in the 860s.

Vikings fans have taken to Reddit and Twitter to share their theories on Ubbe’s fate.

Some fans believe Ubbe may return to Kattegat and become the country’s new king.

With his brother, Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig) possibly dead, Ubbe could return to take the crown from Ivar the Boneless (Alex Høgh Andersen) and Prince Oleg (Danila Kozlovsky).

KingStark12 said: “Bjorn received the title [Ironside] after no one was able to touch him on the battlefield.

“As I’ve re-watched the later seasons, I’ve realised Ubbe has never taken a hit in any fight he’s had, other than the obvious duel with King Frodo [Gavan O’Connor-Duffy].

“Hvitserk [Marco Ilsø] has been punched and knocked down in almost every battle, Ivar was knocked down from his carriage in York, in the later seasons Bjorn has taken some big hits, as has King Harald [Peter Franzén].

“But other than his duel, I don’t think Ubbe has ever been knocked down or bested in combat, at least not on screen.

“He might very well be the best fighter right now, as I think Bjorn is no longer in his prime.”

Another theory is Ubbe will return to Kattegat to help Bjorn defeat Ivar the Boneless and Prince Oleg.

ProXplode2468 said: “It could start this a cliff hanger as we saw what happened with the Vikings vs the Russians, and now to goes back to Ubbe’s voyage, they are about to leave to this place when an urgent message is given to Ubbe saying what happened, and information about the size of the Rus army.

“Ubbe, hearing the news of what happened frantically searched for answers, and Torvi speaks to Ubbe about what happened.

“Ubbe decided he must avenge what has happened, so he must go looking for allies in people he can trust.

“In his mind, he thinks of who would help, and two specifically come to mind, king Alfred [Ferdia Walsh-Peelo] and Rollo [Clive James Standen].

A third Vikings fans believe Ubbe will have his own separate storyline in Iceland and North America.

Ghostface1357 shared: “Ubbe will have his own storyline in Iceland and then go out to explore. The conflict between the Rus and Norway will end most likely next episode.

“Floki wouldn’t hate Ivar because Ivar doesn’t think himself as a God now.”

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