Watch Tom Hanks Fight Infamous Nazi Submarines in New Trailer for WWII Drama Greyhound

Tom Hanks is fighting an enemy he can’t always see in the new World War II drama Greyhound.

On Thursday, Sony Pictures released a gripping and action-packed trailer for the upcoming film, starring the Academy Award-winning actor as Capt. Ernest Krause — a U.S. Navy commander who is finally given his first war-time assignment. Krause is placed in charge of a destroyer, radio code-named “Greyhound.”

Based on the 1955 novel The Good Shepherd by C. S. Forester, the movie follows Krause as he is tasked with leading a convoy of 37 international Allied ships to England, and finds himself fighting the infamous Nazi U-boats during the Battle of the Atlantic.

The trailer opens up with Hank’s character saying a prayer as he prepares for his first crossing of the Atlantic. Viewers soon find out that he will be leading the convoy without any “air cover” from the U.S. Airforce for the next five days.

The footage then cuts to the ship’s first “kill,” as they manage to destroy a Nazi sub and the crew erupts into a celebration. However, their harrowing journey to England has only just begun, as Krause and his crew become hunted by the Nazi submarine “wolf pack.”

“In 48 hours we’ve lost seven ships and 50 souls,” he says in a call.

“What you did yesterday got us here today,” one of the crew tells Hanks’ character, trying to lift his spirits.

Soon the crew’s radar shows a whole fleet of U-boats approaching what’s left of the convoy, with Krouse telling his men to “bring hell from on high.”

The Aaron Schneider-directed film also stars Stephen Graham, Rob Morgan, Devin Druid and Elisabeth Shue. Hanks, 63, also serves as a screenwriter for the movie.

It was originally slated for release in May, but is now expected to hit theaters on June 12.

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