Westworld creator reveals real world inspiration behind season 3 finale as fans compare Delos’ downfall to coronavirus – The Sun

WESTWORLD’S creators have admitted they shocked themselves at how closely season 3 related to the current global coronavirus pandemic.

HBO’s dystopian drama has always attempted to draw everyday parallels to technology, artificial intelligence, and how they connect to human nature.

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The most recent Westworld episodes, which aired on Sky Atlantic and ended in an explosive finale on Monday, saw masked protests taking place, leading to Delos’ downfall.

This drew comparisons with what is currently happening in real life as demonstrators around the world demand their governments lift COVID-19 restrictions, which are damaging the economy.

Jonathan Nolan confirmed he and his Westworld co-creator Lisa Joy did draw inspiration from global events when writing the show – but not this one.

Instead it was the Hong Kong protests, which were going on at the time they were writing the episodes, which they sought to mimic.

Nolan told Variety: "In terms of timing, we were much more inspired by the Hong Kong protests [in 2019]. 

"I never anticipated in a million years anyone would be f***ing stupid enough to protest, you know, a disease, right? 

“This has nothing to do with what this show is about, but this is the tricky thing about making a show.”

Nolan said comparisons between his shows and real life often happen because he and Joy aim to write storylines that are open to interpretation.

The 43-year-old went on: “The idea of social revolution — that’s an idea that can be interpreted and reinterpreted by people however they want. 

“You kind of let these things go after you make them. 

“If it resonates for people in different ways that’s not up to us to decide."

And it certainly did resonate, as viewers took to social media to point out Westworld’s parallels with coronavirus.

@VetMarie16 wrote on Twitter: “Is it just me or did the season finale of #Westworld imitate life currently in a lot of ways #coronavirus

@DeborahGanney agreed: “WESTWORLD OK. is it just me or did this week's episode bear a familiar reminiscence to the current state of our political system and leadership.”

Westworld season 3 is available to stream in full on NOW TV.

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