What is 'Bling Empire' Star Anna Shay's Net Worth?

If you like reality TV shows like Real Housewives and Keeping up With the Kardashians, you’re going to love Netflix’s new series Bling Empire. It’s another look into the lives of rich people living fabulous lives with a ton of billion-dollar drama. One of the cast members is socialite Anna Shay, who doesn’t take crap from anyone and has a whole lot of money to spend.

Just how rich is the heiress Anna Shay and what’s her net worth?

Netflix’s new original series ‘Bling Empire’

Bling Empire is Netflix’s new binge-worthy series to start 2021 off right. Crazy Rich Asians was a huge success, so it was only a matter of time before we were introduced to something similar in the reality TV space.

Viewers get a first-hand look into the real lives of the super-rich and famous with money to blow, laughs to be shared, and more lavish parties than any normal person could keep up with. The reality TV series follows socialites – Kelly Mi Li, Kim Lee, Kevin Kreider, Cherie Chan, Kane Lim, Gabriel Chiu, Andrew Grey, Jessy Lee, Jaime Xie, and Christine Chiu. They party it up, live lavish lifestyles, and start major drama in the City of Angels. It’s the perfect guilty pleasure series.

Who Shay is and how did she amass her net worth?

Bling Empire introduces us to Anna Shay, who is a lively half-Japanese, half-Russian woman, that is in Lim’s word, “super, super wealthy.” He also mentions she gets her money from, ” … weapons. Her father sells bombs, guns, defense technology, and it’s worth like a few billion.” To which, of course, he advises not to mess with her. The funny part is, she has no clue why he said it because it’s not true.

“I asked him, ‘Why did you say my dad was in arms?’” Shay told People in an interview. “He goes, ‘I don’t know.’ He thought he knew, but maybe he didn’t know and was just guessing.” It turns out he’s actually a contractor.

More specifically, Oprah Magazine reports that the Bling Empire star gets her fortune from her, ” … father, Edward Shay, [who] is the late billionaire founder of Pacific Architects and Engineers, a defense contracting firm that has worked with the U.S. government on projects around the world since 1955.”

What is ‘Bling Empire’ star Anna Shay’s net worth?

On to the big question of what Bling Empire star Anna Shay’s net worth is. It has to be substantial to keep up with her lavish lifestyle and closet renovations (which looks like a wonderful de-stressor, right?).  Not to mention “botox and Restylane, Juvederm,” which adds a nice little plump to your face and reduces wrinkles. We all know there’s no shortage of those in Los Angeles, and the cast members have no problem taking advantage (and then some) of easy access to it.

According to Cosmopolitan, Shay’s reportedly worth more than all the Bling Empire cast members, standing around a whopping $600 million. It turns out, in 2006, Shay “and her brother reportedly sold their father’s company for $1.3 billion.”

With that incredible number, Shay sure has the freedom to “live life to its fullest,” like she tells viewers is incredibly important at this point in her life. She already did the family life, and although she’s shy, we certainly get a glimpse of another side of her in Bling Empire. Fans are more than happy to live through Bling’s sassy, out-of-this-world cast, and more episodes can’t come fast enough!

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