Who is Sausage on The Masked Singer UK?

THE famous face behind Sausage on The Masked Singer could be the UK's wurst-kept secret.

But Joe Swash is adamant he's on a roll when it comes to unveiling who is behind the outfit.

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Who is Sausage on The Masked Singer UK?

People are getting annoyed trying to guess the person performing as Sausage on The Masked Singer.

Could it be Stacey Solomon? Joe Swash certainly thinks so.

In fact, he has been giving his fiancé the cold shoulder after seeing the mystery singer perform I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor.

In the kitchen of their Essex home with Joe in the background, Stacey took to her Instagram stories to expose his incredulity.

She said: "I just need to take a moment to appreciate that he's actually not talking to me because he thinks I'm the Sausage on The Masked Singer and I just haven't told him. What the hell?"

An avid Joss Stone fan has laid bare all of the tell-tale clues that "confirm" the 33-year-old singer is Sausage on The Masked Singer.

In a short Tik Tok video, superfan Matt studied the character's video trailer – with the first clue a variety of flags decorating her caravan door – with the fan pointing out that Joss "famously did a 200-stop world tour".

Sausage then says that the judges have already said her name in the competition, as Matt points out that Jonathan Ross previously guessed that Harlequin was Joss.

Another reference was Sausage saying they feel "young at heart" – which is the title of one of the singer's tracks, and another clip saw some masks on a dressing table.

However, Stacey has poured cold water on the theory, saying: "Lets be fair; I'm assuming it's a pork sausage and how inappropriate would it be for me, a lovely Jewish girl, to be dancing around as a pork sausage?!"

Presenter Carol Vorderman thinks she's got it figured out.

She guessed it might be Jane McDonald, the Bafta winning singer and TV presenter, after the Sausage revealed more clues about its identity.

The 60-year-old former Countdown presenter took to her Twitter to dissect Sausage's performance and try to guess who was inside the costume.

BBC Radio 2 host Sara Cox believes Sausage is Beverley Knight, writing on Twitter: "SAUSAGE IS BEVERLEY KNIGHT. I know her voice. Thank you & good knight. #TheMaskedSingerUK."

Ranvir Singh though disagreed with that writing "But why the Funny Girls ref and the blonde wig" in reply to Cox's post.

Singh believes Sausage is Sheridan Smith.

Clues so far have revealed that Sausage is "a female" who has a "strong connection to the beach and the coast" and is a girly girl who "loves a bit of glam".

And after Sausage sang the line: “They call me Stacey… that’s not my name,” in her part of That’s Not My Name by The Ting Tings, some fans were convinced this ruled out Stacey Solomon and Stacey Dooley.

Other guesses include actress Billie Piper.

All will soon be revealed, however…

When is The Masked Singer on TV and how can I watch it?

The hit ITV show will return to the small screen at 7pm on February 13 for the final.

Joel Dommett hosted the semi-final of the singing contest.

The programme, adapted from a South Korean TV format, started its second series on Boxing Day, 2020.

It runs for 90 minutes and will feature a familiar colourful array of mysterious singers.

Viewers can play along with the judges and try to guess who is behind the colourful costumes.

The singing competition is described as a "surreal and surprising guessing game".

It has involved 12 famous faces competing to pull off the best performance, with their identity elaborately and imaginatively concealed behind "the mask".

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