Who is Suzie Fletcher from The Repair Shop and how old is she?

SUZIE Fletcher is a member of the skilled team on BBC One's The Repair Shop.

The experienced restorer and saddle-maker has a huge passion for horses and design and has been putting her talents to good use on the popular TV series.

Who is Suzie Fletcher from The Repair Shop?

Leather expert Suzie, 59, is from Oxfordshire and has been in the industry for over four decades.

She is an avid fan of horses and her love for them began in her childhood, which lead to her career in saddle making and restoring.

Suzie shared: "I have been nuts about horses ever since I can remember and can vividly recall from a very young age making saddles and bridles for my rocking horse and Cindy horse.

"With the influence of my mother, who was very skilled in designing and making clothes and my father being a watchmaker, it's no surprise I found a way to combine my interests in design and horses to become a saddle maker."

How is Suzie related to Steven Fletcher on The Repair Shop?

Steven is a horologist, which means he works with clocks and watches and is Suzie's brother.

It was Steve who inspired Suzie to join The Repair Shop, and says the show helped her deal with the grief of losing her husband.

She explained: "Every time [Steve] called he looked to be having such a good time I jokingly said, 'If they need anyone to do leather I'm your gal.'"

She added: "I really was joking but after several phone calls and a lot of reassurance from Steve I agreed to give it a go and joined the team […] I'm so happy I did as this is one of the most enjoyable things I've ever been involved with it's also helped me through some very dark days."

Where is The Repair Shop filmed?

The Repair Shop is filmed at The Weald and Downland Living Museum, just outside Chichester.

It's situated by the South Downs National Park, making for a picturesque location.

The 40-acre site is home to a collection of historic rural buildings and showcases heritage farming trades and crafts.

It's usually open to the public to visit but closed its doors on Tuesday, January 5, 2021, due to the latest Covid-19 lockdown.

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