Why does Gabrielle cover her eye when she sings?

GABRIELLE has army of fans around the world thanks to her incredible career which started with her hit 90s song Dreams.

One thing that her followers often wonder, is why she chooses to cover her right eye.

Why does Gabrielle cover her eye when she sings?

Gabrielle is as famous for her sleek look as her hit songs and a part of her image has become synonymous with covering her eye.

The singer suffers from Ptosis, a condition where the eyelid may droop or fall.

The eyeball itself is not affected, however, the condition may cause minor visual impairment.

At one time, she wore an eye patch, admitting her decision to cover it was down to confidence issues rather than health.

In 2018 discussed the issue on Loose Women saying: "I choose to cover my lazy eye because I don't want it to be seen. It's my comfort blanket and it makes me happy."

She added that wearing an eyepatch again is something she will consider when going on tour.

"Just because, for all these years, nearly quarter of a century, people have associated me with the eyepatch, I think it would be quite a fun thing to do!" she shared.

But now she has chosen to style her hair to cover her right eye.

Is Gabrielle married and does she have kids?

Gabrielle is not married and her relationship status is unknown.

However, the singer does has one son, Jordan, with Tony Antoniou, who was convicted of killing his stepfather Walter McCarthy in 1995, with a samurai sword.

The pop, R&B and soul singer also had a daughter – Patricia – in 2003.


Gabrielle has ptosis which is:

  • Ptosis is the medical name for the drooping of the upper eyelid, which can happen in one or both eyes.
  • A low upper lid can interfere with vision by affecting the top part of your visual field.
  • It can also cause difficulty in keeping eyelids open, eyestrain or eyebrow ache, and fatigue, especially when reading.

Who was Gabrielle on the Masked Singer?

On February 6, 2021 it was revealed that Gabrielle was Harlequin during The Masked Singer's semi-final.

The judges guessed it was her, with only Davina McCall going for Emily Sande instead. 

Speaking after her unmasking, Gabrielle said: “I’m a very nervous performer and I thought this would bring me out of my comfort zone.”

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