Why Heather Martin Never Stood A Chance On The Bachelor

Bachelor Nation’s Heather Martin shocked viewers everywhere when she rolled up in — gasp — a minivan, vying for Bachelor Matt James attention more than halfway through the season. While most agree that this wasn’t necessarily a good look for Heather, some still couldn’t help but feel bad in the way things went down for the romantic hopeful. After all, she was only there at the urge of her BFF and former Bachelor contestant turned Bachelorette Hannah Brown, per Vulture

“Hannah is one of my very best girlfriends. She knows Matt and loves Matt so much. Her telling me that — it meant something,” Heather explained to host Chris Harrison at the time while pleading her case to crash the season. “I couldn’t let him get engaged and not meet him, or not try my best.”

However, many fans don’t believe that Heather deserved to be dropped like a hot potato after traveling during a global pandemic, forced to quarantine and then given a whole ten minutes of Matt’s time. Alas, it appears Matt had his reasons for sending Heather packing. Keep reading after the jump to learn why the Bachelor alum never stood a chance!

Bachelor Matt James is looking for someone he can see a future with

As it turns out, Bachelor Matt James was just as shocked at Heather Martin’s impromptu arrival as the viewers watching from home. During an interview on US Weekly‘s podcast Here for the Right Reasons, Matt acknowledged that though he knew of Heather, he had zero inclination that she would be making an appearance. “I have met Heather before [but] I had no relationship with her,” Matt explained. “I was just as shocked to see her as everyone else was when she arrives and I think it makes for a very interesting conversation,” he added.

So why did he ultimately decide to send Heather packing? It seems that he simply didn’t see a future with her. When asked about his decision to send some of the other season’s newcomers home while keeping others he explained that, “I think the message there was that regardless of when you came or didn’t come, you’re here, and it doesn’t matter. To me what matters is our conversations, our connections, and if I could see a future with you.”

Fortunately, Heather has no regrets about her decision to chase after love. As reported by US Weekly, Heather took to Instagram to convey her thoughts. “All I know is that if I had listened to fear, I would have never gotten to experience something that I am truly grateful for,” she penned in the long post. 

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