An inside look at the Central Park field hospital, which will include morgue

Here’s an inside look at the makeshift field hospital being built in Central Park for coronavirus victims, with staffers adding that the tented facility will include a pop-up morgue.

“We’re triage — just like any hospital,” said a staffer with the charity group erecting the medical site around the park’s 97th Street Transverse and Fifth Avenue, adding that the makeshift morgue would be part of the effort.

The field hospital is being built by Franklin Graham’s evangelical Christian group Samaritan’s Purse and will take in patients from the Mount Sinai Health System, officials have said. Graham is the son of famous late preacher Billy Graham.

The hospital in the park will consist of 14 tents, 68 patient beds and 10 ventilators, as well as X-ray equipment and a pharmacy, staffers said. It was still being set up Monday, with an opening date of Tuesday.


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