Antifa blasted with tear gas by federal cops in Portland as they 'burned American flags and smashed courthouse windows'

ANTIFA protesters were blasted with tear gas in Portland last night after burning American flags and clashing with cops in a night of unrest.

Dozens of far-left demonstrators gathered outside the Federal Courthouse for a protest against US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The Courthouse was already boarded up with plywood after it was smashed up during weeks of unrest last summer.

And shocking footage shared on Twitter shows the remaining windows were broken in last night's violent protest.

"Anti ICE protesters gather. A few of the remaining uncovered windows have been broken. An American flag burns in front of the door," local reporter Garrison Davis said on Twitter. 

Reporters at the scene said one member of the crowd threw a paint balloon and officers used pepper spray in a bid to push the protesters back.

Protesters reportedly set fire to the plywood and American flags outside the building, sparking the deployment of tear gas from federal agents.

Davis said "the feds marched further into the streets of downtown Portland while firing off chemical weapons and projectiles. A few of their pepperball and 40 mm launchers appeared to malfunction".

He said the cops were "aggressive" and the air was thick with smoke.

The unrest came after a security guard at a Chase Bank branch in downtown Portland pulled a gun on protesters who appeared to be trying to enter the building on Thursday afternoon, Oregon Live reports.

The protesters were targeting those funding a controversial oil pipeline between the Canadian province of Alberta and Superior, Wisconsin.

Demonstrators said the new pipeline would harm wild rice lands and believe corporations should clean up the existing pipeline.

After making it inside the bank, the protesters marched to the Courthouse, where some 20 cops carrying shields met them in front of the building.

Portland police said one person had been arrested on suspicion of damaging property during the demo.

The cops said the person punched an officer in the face as they were trying to arrest him.

Portland police said officers were braced for more unrest at the weekend.

"We are aware of events planned tomorrow and this weekend in which people plan to gather and demonstrate," the cops said on Twitter.

"Demonstration Liaison Officers (DLOs) are available to work with community members organizing these events."

Antifa, meaning anti-fascist, is the umbrella term for a broad spectrum of far-left and anarchist groups who fight against actions they believe to be racist, homophobic, authoritarian and xenophobic.

The group has been linked to violent riots and possible terrorist-style attacks – but it has been claimed by Dems and some law enforcement figures that the threat is overblown.

Last summer, there were was at least 100 consecutive nights of unrest in the city of Portland.

And the violence has continued this year.

Two people were arrested earlier this month after 150 Antifa activists smashed up a Starbucks and a bank.

Demonstrators gathered at The Field Parks in Portland to march through the area in protest of President Joe Biden's immigration policies.

Like last night's protest, they were also campaigning to denounce the Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

However, the demonstration quickly got violent, with vandals lashing out at several stores including Starbucks, Chipotle, Umpqua Bank and Urban Pantry.

Portland police dubbed the demonstration as "destructive," according to KOIN, and demanded that crowds "immediately stop participating in criminal activity".

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