Ariel Robinson tweeted about white privilege before 'killing daughter'

Worst Cooks in America star accused of beating her three-year-old adopted daughter to death tweeted about her white kids’ ‘privilege’ week earlier – after taking them out of care to ‘complete’ her family

  • Ariel Robinson, 29, and her husband Jerry, 34, are in jail on homicide by child abuse charges
  • Their adopted, three-year-old daughter Victoria died on January 14 after being taken to the hospital with blunt force trauma injuries 
  • The Robinsons have two biological sons but in February 2020, they adopted Victoria and her two biological brothers
  • The three white kids had been taken out of the care of their own mother 
  • Robinson frequently posted on social media about their blended family and how she treated all 5 kids the same regardless of race 
  • On January 6, after the Capitol riot, she tweeted about how the white kids had privilege outside of the home that her black sons didn’t 
  • Now, Victoria’s biological family says the three white kids were abused for months and that Victoria bore the brunt of it 
  • It’s unclear why the kids were even put up for adoption  
  • They have shared photos of the toddler before she went to live with the Robinsons and after which show how she lost weight drastically 
  • Ariel won Season 20 of Worst Cooks in America on the Food Network  

Worst Cooks in America winner Ariel Robinson, who has been charged with beating her adopted white daughter to death, tweeted about her three white children’s privilege after adopting them to ‘complete’ her black family.

Robinson, 29, and her husband Jerry, 34, are both in jail on suspicion of beating their adopted three-year-old daughter Victoria to death on January 14 at their home in Simpsonville, South Carolina. 

The black couple have two biological sons. In February 2020, they adopted three white children – Victoria and her two biological brothers. It’s unclear why Victoria and her brothers were put up for adoption. 

They have not been accused of harming any of the boys.  

On social media, Robinson gushed that they ‘completed’ her family and allowed her to teach all of her children equality by parenting them the same way despite their different races. 

But on January 14, the couple called 911 to report that Victoria was unresponsive. She later died in the hospital and doctors gave blunt force trauma as the cause. 

Her biological extended family now say that she and the two white boys were being abused by the Robinsons for months and that the system ‘failed’ them. 

It’s unclear why the children went to live with the Robinsons rather than with any of their biological relatives. 

Police are yet to provide a motive for the suspected abuse. 

Ariel Robinson and her husband Jerry are in jail on suspicion of homicide by child abuse charges. The couple have two biological sons (far right). In February 2020, they adopted Victoria Rose (left) and her two biological brothers. Ariel gushed on social media about how the three new kids completed their blended family. Victoria died from blunt force trauma injuries on January 14, 2021

The couple in their mugshots. On January 14, they are thought to have called 911 because Victoria was unresponsive. The police report is largely redacted but they made reference to an incident the day before that they said may have caused the child’s injuries

On social media, Robinson portrayed her family as being happy, ‘complete’ and ‘diverse’. She said she was ‘invested’ in tackling systemic racism and used her blended family as a proof of it. 

On January 6, after the Capitol riot, she tweeted about the different privileges the kids have based on their skin color. 

‘In my house, my black children get treated the same as my white children, and my white children get treated the same as my black children.

‘It’s a shame that when they go out into the real world, that won’t be the case. #whiteprivilege #BlackLivesMatter,’ she said.  

She then tweeted about being a mother to ‘four beautiful boys’ but said nothing about Victoria.

On January 6, after the Capitol riot, Robinson tweeted about how some of her kids have white privilege and others don’t

On social media, Robinson said she was obsessed’ with the children. She posted photos of them being a happy, blended family

Victoria is shown, left, before she was adopted and right, less than a year later. Her biological extended family say she was abused from the start and that the system ‘failed’ her

The siblings’ have a large biological extended family who are now speaking out to say the system failed them but it’s unclear why none of them could care for the kids before the were put up for adoption

‘It’s a shame that as a proud mom to 4 beautiful boys, I can’t protect them from the reality and evil of this world once they leave the house. However, I will fight and use my voice to make a difference.

‘To bring awareness and change so that one day, that change will come.’ 

In another tweet, she said: ‘I will never have to worry about my white sons and that makes me happy. What makes me sad is that every worry I don’t have for them will be multiplied for my black sons. Until this is fixed, we are NOT the USA we can be. Justice, fairness & equality for all! #BlackLivesMatter.’ 

On January 11, three days before allegedly beating Victoria to death, she posted a collage of photographs of the pair on Twitter. 

She captioned it: ‘We go together like ketchup & MUSTARD! #MiniMe Being a girl mom is awesome’. 

The last thing she posted on social media the day Victoria died was about her weight loss struggles. 

Police were called to the family’s home in Simpsonville, North Carolina, at 2.16pm on January 14. 

Robinson and her husband are thought to have called 911, telling the operator Victoria was unresponsive. 

Much of the police report is redacted but they hinted something had happened the day before that might have made Victoria lose consciousness. 

She was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.  

Robinson posted these photos of Victoria days before her death. She captioned them: ‘We go together like ketchup and mustard’

The Robinsons with their two biological sons before they adopted the three white children

Robinson won Season 2020 of Worst Cooks in America. The show has now been pulled by the Food Network 

Doctors ruled the cause of her injuries as multiple blunt force trauma, and the couple was arrested.  

Victoria’s biological family has since spoken out to say the system failed her. 

The children’s biological mother has not been identified. 

But their maternal great-aunt, Stacey Phares, told Greenville News: ‘As a family, we feel like the system failed. We trusted the system.’  

They are now campaigning on social media and with a petition for an overhaul to adoption screening laws in Victoria’s name. 

Authorities have not brought any charges against the couple for allegedly abusing any of the other kids. 

On Instagram last year, before the adopted children went to live with them, Robinson said: ‘They are perfect in every way possible. They are going to be the perfect addition to our family. 

‘They are the missing puzzle pieces and they will complete our family.’ 

She earlier described how the family had been selected by an adoption agency to take the three kids home with them. 

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