Biden’s first virtual town hall riddled with technical glitches

Every Joe Biden thing he could do, he did. The presumptive Democratic nominee made a mess of a virtual town hall Friday night, asking if he was live on air and eventually wandering off camera.

The former Veep flopped in his first attempt to campaign via a virtual town hall Friday night — a byproduct of the age of coronavirus — with a video feed plagued with glitches and a candidate who seemed unfamiliar with the demands of online chat.

“Am I live?” the former vice president asked as an Illinois voter tried to ask him a question.

“Am I on camera?” he asked later — shortly before wandering out of range and off viewers’ screens.

The event, which was billed as a chance for Democrats to engage with their party’s front-runner ahead of primaries in Illinois and three other states. It was the Biden campaign’s first attempt at an online voter event in the wake of widespread quarantines to fend off the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

The town hall ran for only four buggy minutes on Facebook Live before aides pulled the plug.

“I’m sorry this is such a disjointed effort here,” Biden apologized as the feed dropped.

His campaign plans to try again with an online event for Florida voters on Monday to replace a now-canceled Miami rally.

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