BREAKING NEWS: New isolation orders for people in NSW

BREAKING NEWS: New isolation orders for people in NSW: Anyone who has visited Melbourne since June 24 will be forced to stay at home for a two weeks

A new isolation order has been imposed for people in NSW who have visited Greater Melbourne in the last two weeks.

Anyone who has been in the area since June 24 must immediately enter 14 days of home self-isolation, irrespective of when they returned to NSW, Nine News reports.

The order comes as NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian on Thursday foreshadowed a tightening of coronavirus restrictions, following the horror second wave of COVID-19 cases across the border.

‘It doesn’t take very long for things to escalate quickly,’ she said.

‘And it doesn’t take very long for that rate of community transmission to increase and so all of us have to be on high alert.’

Nine political reporter Chris O’Keefe, who broke the news on Thursday night’s bulletin, said the new measure could potentially affect ‘tens of thousands of people’ who have recently returned to NSW from Victoria. 

The regulation will also impact AFL teams who have travelled between the neighbouring states for matches, creating a ‘chaotic situation’ for the league. 

More to come. 

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