California doctor treating coronavirus patients calls for school closures

A doctor in an upscale Los Angeles suburb who is treating coronavirus-stricken patients insisted this week that “schools should be closed immediately,” as he said  “nothing” in his decades-long career has worried him as much as the deadly bug.

Sam Fink, a primary care physician based in Tarzana — a wealthy enclave only about 10 miles from the homes of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Drake, and Will Smith — posted to Facebook that his patients were part of a group of 14 men who went on a ski trip to northern Italy.

Each of the 14 men have tested positive for COVID-19, four of them needed to be hospitalized and three of those are “are very ill,” Fink wrote Sunday. One of the men had a “significant pre-existing condition,” but the other three did not, and are “relatively young,” he added.

The doctor did not specify whether his patients are part of the family — a father and two adult sons — who came down with the deadly bug after their return from the ski trip.

“I have practiced for over 30 years, and have seen it all, or so I thought,” Fink posted to Facebook Sunday, referring to the rapidly spreading outbreak. “Nothing has worried me like this.”

Fink urged the public to avoid any large gatherings, such as sporting events and concerts.

“I believe that all schools should be closed immediately and classes conducted online, which is relatively simple,” he wrote. “I know that so far, children infected with CV have done relatively well, but they might come home and hug Grandpa, who won’t do so well.”

Coronavirus in the US is at a “relatively early stage,” Fink said, “but it won’t last there for long.”

He urged people to make sure they have the necessary medications and supplies on hand, but to respond within reason.

“Panicking hurts all of us,” he said.

“My biggest hope is that I am totally wrong, and that you will all wonder in a few weeks what the hell I was talking about,” the dcotor added. “But I have a pretty good track record, and I think you should take steps now to protect yourselves and your family. There is little cost to taking extra precaution right now, and the earlier, the better.”

By Tuesday morning, Fink’s post was shared about 1,300 times and received about 550 likes and 350 comments.

Last week, Tarzana resident Pam Angel said that her husband and one of her adult sons — who returned from the northern Italy trip — are in self-quarantine, but her other son who has underlying health issues is being treated at a local hospital.

“He can’t talk without coughing,” Angel told the station. “He feels like he has a pallet of bricks on his chest, he’s not eating.”

The trio tested positive for the infection at LAX.

Their group visited Cortina d’Ampezzo in the Dolomite Mountains, and returned to the US Feb. 27 feeling unwell, reports said.

A total of 133 confirmed cases of coronavirus and two deaths have been reported in California, The Los Angeles Times reported Monday evening.

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