Californian woman disturbed doing yoga by her dog

Downward-playing dog! Persistent pooch disrupts owner’s yoga practice by stealing the mat and crawling underneath

  • A San Francisco woman filmed her attempt at performing a yoga workout
  • After laying her mat on the ground, her pet dog began interrupting the routine
  • The dog repeatedly disturbed the Californian woman during her workout 

This is the hilarious moment a Californian woman is prevented from performing her daily yoga routine by her large pet dog. 

The health fan from San Francisco laid out her mat for her workout routine which involved a series of stretches and lunges. 

Once she begins her routine, her pet dog gets involved and tries to knock her from her mat. 

This is the moment a San Francisco woman tries to do yoga in her back yard while her dog looks on 

The woman is unsuccessful in her attempts to perform yoga due to the attention of her dog

The large pet tried to take away the mat to prevent the woman from completing her workout

During the one-minute video, the woman fails to banish her Bernese mountain dog to another room to stop it from interrupting her exercise routine. 

To avoid the problems faced by this woman, some pet owners try to incorporate their pets into their workouts. Some yoga teachers even offer doga classes, to help owners de-stress their pets. 

According to one practitioner, Mahny Djahanguiri: ‘Doga works on the natural symbiotic relationship that already exist between you and your dog. If there’s stress and tension in YOU, your dog may feel it and absorb your tension… this may reflect in his immediate environment and the way he socialises we other dogs.’

Experts claim Doga can increase the life expectancy of the dog while reducing high blood pressure and its heart rate. 

According to Ms Djahanguiri: ‘The dog’s parasympathetic nervous system would usually kick in after the first 20 minutes of a yoga session. Similar to a human yoga class some dogs may fall asleep on the yoga mat, some may enjoy a quiet space far out of reach from the group while other dogs may happily join in the fun. ‘

The woman is forced to give up her exercise attempt due to the dog’s persistence 

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