Captain Tom's daughters are planning a funeral 'suitable for him'

‘Quiet’ send off for Captain Tom: War hero’s daughter says family are planning funeral that would be ‘suitable for him’ after his death aged 100

  • Captain Sir Tom Moore died on Tuesday after testing positive for Covid-19 
  • Daughter Lucy Teixeira said the family is planning a ‘suitably quiet’ funeral 
  • National plans could include having an NHS hospital named in his honour  

Captain Sir Tom Moore’s family say they are planning a ‘suitably quiet’ send off for the beloved 100-year-old NHS campaigner.

The war veteran died on Tuesday after testing positive for Covid-19, prompting outpourings of grief and a national clap led by Boris Johnson the next day.

His daughter, Lucy Teixeira, has revealed she and sister Hannah are planning a send-off which would have earned them a ‘well done girls’ from their father.

She told ITV News: ‘It’s been a really big week, my father has passed away and it is really sad.

Daughter Lucy, left, said she and her sister Hannah (right) are planning a ‘quiet send off’ for their father Captain Sir Tom Moore, who died on Tuesday

‘At the moment, my sister Hannah and I are planning a careful send-off that is suitable to him, quite quiet in a manner that he would say to us ‘well done, girls’.

‘Anything else after that, I couldn’t possibly comment on anything that might happen.

‘I know that there are things being talked about, but my sister and I are focussing on planning the next stage and celebrating the end of his life.

‘The general public are really sad, and I understand that. They knew him for a very short time, but I know that his life has been a really good life and the last year it couldn’t have been more full and being knighted by the Queen and meeting all those amazing people, having a number one single – what’s not to like and understand.’

The veteran campaigner was knighted by the Queen in 2020 after raising more than £32million for NHS charities

Prime Minister Boris Johnson led the applause in Sir Tom’s honour on Wednesday evening

Doctors and nurses clap in Sir Tom’s memory on Wednesday night, along with the rest of the nation

Captain Sir Tom earned more than £32million for NHS Charities Together during the first lockdown as he aimed to complete 100 laps of his garden before his birthday in April.

Downing Street is understood to be considering plans to name one of Boris Johnson’s 40 new hospitals after the campaigning war veteran.

Lucy added: ‘I’m really grateful for that and I know that my sister is. He had a good innings, as he would say, and he would also say something has to get you in the end.

‘At some point during the four weeks when all that money was being raised, he was just so busy. I had, and my sister had, been planning a 100th birthday party with him and a small amount of friends and of course that didn’t happen.

Daughter Lucy said she hoped the send-off she and sister Hannah were planning would earn them a ‘well done girls’ from their campaigning father

‘But instead, I’ve learnt to share him with everybody, and it has been incredible how he has now become, he is now in the hearts of the whole nation, in fact the world,

But he leaves us with a really strong powerful message – tomorrow is a good day. Those words represent his whole life to me.

‘He has shown resilience, courage, and I have seen him do that all his life.’

The Mail has led the campaign for the WWII veteran to be commemorated for his incredible charity walk which inspired the nation. 

Earlier this week his grandson Tom Teixeira said it would be ‘really nice’ to have a permanent memorial where people could pay their respects.

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