CDC urges funeral directors to livestream large funerals amid coronavirus outbreak

Funeral directors were urged by federal health officials on Monday to livestream future services to comply with restrictions against large gatherings as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued new guidance on Monday to the National Funeral Directors Association.

The CDC offered the option in order to abide by its Sunday recommendation to cancel or postpone gatherings of 50 people or more across the country to help stop the spread of the virus, according to NFDA.

The federal agency acknowledged that the large gatherings could “contribute to the spread” of the illness.

Monday’s recommendation by the CDC was issued before President Trump went a step further, telling Americans to avoid gatherings of 10 people or more until the summer.

For those who attend funerals amid the crisis, the CDC said there’s “no known risk” of being in the same room as somebody who died from the coronavirus.

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