‘Cult mom’ Lori Vallow & doomsday lover emailed each other goals MONTHS before kids vanished – The Sun

"CULT mom" Lori Vallow and her doomsday lover Chad Daybell reportedly emailed each other disturbing goals – MONTHS before her two kids vanished.

Their digitial trail highlighted the alleged links between Vallow's beliefs and the disappearance of Joshua "JJ" Vallow, 7, and Tylee Ryan, 17, reports say.

Sources told Fox 10 Vallow was a big fan of Daybell's Latter Day Saints books predicting the end of the world while she was still married to her now deceased husband, Charles Vallow.

Charles, who discovered her emails to Daybell, became increasingly concerned he would be killed months before he was shot dead by Vallow's late brother, Alex Cox.

More revelations have come forward about the alleged "cult" members who fled to Hawaii when Idaho police quizzed them about the kids' whereabouts last year.

Julie Rowe met Vallow's fifth husband Daybell through a doomsday forum dubbed "Another Voice of Warning" in 2014 before he became her publisher.

She said they bonded at events over their supposed near-death experiences and Daybell's visions about "what's coming to Idaho and Utah."


Vallow – an avid reader of his work heralding the end of the world – finally met the author around this time, in October 2018.

"Seven missions to accomplish together," read the subject of one of their January 2019 emails sent just eight months before her children vanished.

Fox reports their plans involved translating age-old records and writing a book about this – as well as finding locations in Arizona for "white camps."

Vallow and Daybell also reportedly discussed the Church of Firstborn presidency and how to establish food distribution when the "tribulations" begin.

The "cult" mom and her newfound lover also chatted about ordaining individuals to translation and giving righteous members of their group supplies in the email, according to the station.


Rowe revealed she distanced herself from her former colleague, saying her fed Vallow false information.

"He thinks that he has some kind of priesthood authority or sealing power that has been given to him to perform ordinances that one day will be on the Earth but are not now," Row told Fox.

She said she didn't know why he became fixated on Arizona and Idaho but said it appeared he had taken it "several steps futher."

“I think it’s a partnership that they went into," Rowe added. "She went into it willingly and I think he is very accountable for the things he’s said and done to her and other people."

Vallow had uprooted JJ and Tylee to Idaho via Arizona by September and less than two months later, her kids were gone without a trace.


Rowe also told the local news outlet she had spoken to Daybell's daughter after his wife Tammy died in suspicious circumstances in October 2019.

She recalled: "She said 'Julie, do you know what I’m most scared of?' And I said 'no, what?' And she said 'my dad getting remarried.'"

Just weeks after Tammy's death, Vallow and Daybell tied the knot and he cashed in on his dead wife's $430,000 life insurance policy.

A few months later, Vallow was booked on felony child abandonment charges in Hawaii after bolting to the tropical paradise with Daybell.

The deaths of Charles, Alex, and Tammy are now all under investigation while the former beauty queen languishes in a Kauai jail.

Her children are still missing as March 1 and Daybell has since said it won't be "easy" for his wife to reveal their whereabouts.

Vallow was also linked to the botched shooting of her niece Melani Pawlowski's ex-husband less than a month after her kids disappeared.

Her extradition hearing was scheduled for March 2 but Idaho cops will go to Hawaii to escort her back to Madison County, reports the Idaho Statesman.

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