De Blasio, Cuomo must pause feud for duration of coronavirus crisis

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio also need to work on their communications — with each other. Tough as it may be, their actions should show that they’re on the same page.

Cuomo was right to push organizers to cancel the St. Patrick’s Day Parade: This is the wrong time for millions to line a jam-packed Fifth Avenue. But leaks about the gov end-running the mayor don’t help anyone — save the harsh words for private discussions.

City Hall insists that its coordination with the gov’s office is at an all-time high. It doesn’t look that way.

And, again, it needs to be. With much of the city’s life shutting down — Broadway, museums, pro sports — and ever-more people telecommuting and so on, no one wants to see New York’s two top leaders engaged in some passive-aggressive competition.

Notably, if schools need to close, the mayor and gov should get on the same page about it in advance. Same for any restrictions on public transportation.

Also on the communication front: Ease up on the media hits, guys. Radio shows and TV can air clips from your press conferences; save the softball interviews (and the shuttling from one studio to another) for a time when the city and state aren’t facing a public health crisis.

Cuomo and de Blasio have been annoying and infuriating each other for years now; we get it. But the feud needs to go on hold for the duration. Grow up, already.

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