Engaged couples share anguish after Boris Johnson cancels ALL weddings

‘Absolutely gutted’: Engaged couples share their anguish after Prime Minister Boris Johnson cancels ALL UK weddings to fight coronavirus

  • The PM unleashed a nationwide crackdown in bid to turn tide on Covid-19 
  • Includes banning weddings, baptisms and other mass gatherings in the UK 
  • Couples have been left heartbroken and shared their experiences online 
  • Have YOU had to cancel a wedding? Email [email protected] 
  • Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should you see a doctor? 
  • Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should you see a doctor?

Engaged couples have shared their anguish online after Prime Minister Boris Johnson cancelled all UK weddings in the fight against coronavirus.

Heartbroken brides-to-be as well as their family members have taken to social media to share their sorrow at being forced to cancel their weddings.

It comes after Boris Johnson tonight confirmed that the UK is under lockdown, with marriage ceremonies among the gatherings to be banned.

The Prime Minister made the dramatic announcement during his daily address to the nation on the Covid-19 outbreak.

People have shared their anguish on Twitter as Britain braces for strict rules on when it is acceptable to leave home.

The Prime Minister made the dramatic announcement during his daily address to the nation on the Covid-19 outbreak (pictured, his address from Downing Street)

Lauren Butterworth said: ‘So today instead of counting down 67 days until our wedding day we are having to postpone until who knows when? 

Have YOU had to cancel a wedding? 

Email [email protected] 

‘I know it’s for the best, I know my friends and family’s health is more important and I know that is it postponed not cancelled but after l am absolutely gutted.’  

One user with the handle Rosy Welsh Wales wrote: ‘It was inevitable and understandable but still gutted our wedding is now cancelled.’

Another, @intro_suz, tweeted: ‘I was gonna be a bridesmaid at my friend’s wedding in a few weeks and now it’s cancelled.’

Sayitasitis said that, after her fiance was made redundant due to the pandemic, she had now been forced to axe their ceremony.

And @PaigeeRagee posted: ‘Lock down in the UK, wedding cancelled and I still have to go to work. Kick a woman whilst she’s down!’

Commenting on the impending lockdown, Susan Glover said: ‘It’s the thought of not being able to see the kids. The thought of my son’s wedding being cancelled. It doesn’t matter how right it is, tonight I just feel overwhelmed.’ 

Katie Isk wrote: ‘So gutted my mum’s wedding and my best friend’s wedding will have to be cancelled. F u corona.’

In the most draconian lockdown in British war or peacetime history, Boris Johnson tonight told the nation that people would be banned from leaving their home unless it’s for food, one form of exercise a day, medical treatment, caring for somebody vulnerable or essential work.

Addressing the nation from Downing Street, Mr Johnson said family reunions, weddings, baptisms and other social events must be cancelled but funerals can go ahead attended by a handful of closest relatives. 

Those who disobey the tough new measures could even be fined by police, who will be on-hand to break up gatherings of more than two people in public places if those involved are not from the same household. 



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