England's top doctor urges over 50s to book Covid jabs before many centres close for WEEKS

ENGLAND’S top doctor is urging Brits over 50 to book their coronavirus vaccinations now before many jab centres close for WEEKS.

It comes as Britain’s looming vaccine supply issues could hamper UK’s jab blitz.

A total of 325,650 Brits received their first dose of the coronavirus vaccine yesterday, meaning an incredible 28,653,523 have received their first shot.

And 169,155 got their second dose, bringing the total to 2,532,839.

But The Indian government is said to have blocked five million jabs that were set to vaccinate Britain's under-50s.

Now vaccination centres in Devon, Kent and Cornwall are just a few who have confirmed they will “have to pause” because of supply issues.

Because of this, Professor Stephen Powis, NHS England's national medical director, is calling anyone who qualifies for a dose to book an appointment.

Over 50s can book their vaccine on the NHS website, where they can choose from more than 1,600 jabbing sites across the country.

And People aged 18 and over who are clinically vulnerable can also book now.

In Exeter, Westpoint vaccination centre will close between April 1 and 11, according to The Daily Mail.

And All five of Kent's five mass vaccination centres will close next month “for a number of weeks.”

But Professor Powis still praises the NHS’s speedy roll-out.

He said: “It is testament to the careful planning and sheer hard work of staff that the NHS vaccination programme is continuing at a record pace.”

An NHS spokesperson said: “While we expect supply to be constrained, it makes sense to use our resources wisely across the more than 1,600 vaccination sites.

“There are currently no plans to close sites permanently and, most importantly, people in the top priority cohorts will still be able to book their jab close to home.”

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