First-time buyer furious after finding FOUR HUNDRED faults in his new £370k home – and can’t even open his front door – The Sun

A FIRST-TIME buyer has been left furious after finding a staggering 400 FAULTS in his new £370,000 home.

Jamie Flarry, 39, moved into the four-bed last year and claims the only thing that works is his fridge.

The owner says the back door of his townhouse leaks and he can’t even open his front door.

There is cracked woodwork, scuffed skirting boards, poorly-aligned kitchen cabinets, and builders' writing still visible on the walls.

He says door handles are loose, the carpets are covered in paint, his bath leaks, and the slabs on his pathway are cracked.

The only part of the Persimmon house Jamie and partner Sarah, 28, trust is the £400 fridge-freezer the pair installed themselves.

Payroll manager Jamie blasted: “It’s a home from hell.

"We know new homes have snags and we would have been fine with 20 or even 30 things to be resolved.

“But to have a list of 400 issues with this house is mad.

“It should have been our dream home – it’s where we want to bring up a family – but it’s been nothing but a nightmare.

“All the problems relate to poor workmanship.


“The only thing we bought new was our fridge freezer and that has been absolutely brilliant.

“It’s the only thing that has worked from the moment we plugged it in, and is spot on.

“It’s the opposite of everything else that we’ve got in the house which does nothing but cause us headaches and hassle.

“Anyone with a basic DIY ability could have done a better job than this.”

The couple, who completed on November 28 last year, have refused to unpack their belongings and are living out of boxes whilst they battle to get the snags fixed on the shared ownership property.

The pair, of Leyton Buzzard, Beds., own 50 per cent of the house and pay rent on the remainder to a housing association.

Hightown Housing Association has tried to buy the property back but the couple want to stay due to its perfect location.


A spokeswoman said: "We have been working closely with Persimmon to try to address the concerns raised by Mr Flarry about his property.

"Under our contract with Persimmon, they have 12 months from handover to rectify defects.

"However, we believe urgent matters have been resolved.

"Following a recent enquiry, our chief executive has offered to meet the local MP, Andrew Selous, at the property to assess the seriousness of the remaining outstanding matters.

"We have also offered to buy back the property from Mr Flarry if he is not satisfied."

A Persimmon Homes spokesman said: “As this is a shared ownership property, we are only able to take instruction from the freeholder, Hightown Housing Association.

"We can confirm we are addressing all valid defects agreed with Hightown.”

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