Footage shows man going for No2 on doorstep of £720,000 London house

EXCLUSIVE: Poo-dunnit? Moment mystery man pulls down his shorts and goes for a No2 on doorstep of family’s £720,000 north London house at crack of dawn

  • EXCLUSIVE: The homeowner discovered the deed when taking the dog outside
  • Security camera footage shows the man strolling up to the doorstep in the night 
  • He took down his shorts and squatted for nearly five minutes before leaving
  • ***Do you know who this man is? Email [email protected]*** 

This is the moment a man pulls down his shorts outside a family’s £720,000 north London house and leaves an unpleasant surprise for its owner.

The hunt is on for the man caught defecating on the doorstep in Hackney by the homeowner’s security camera at 4:30am on Friday.

Taking his time, the man was caught on a Ring doorbell unbuttoning his shorts and settling in for a leisurely squat, staying for almost five minutes. He even stayed for seconds, leaving double the danger for the unsuspecting family who woke up to an unpleasant smell later that morning.

The late night visitor was so long that the camera, which is motion sensitive, stopped recording until he stood up, buttoned his shorts and strolled off.

Speaking to MailOnline, the horrified homeowner said: ‘Our dog actually woke us up barking, and we did check out of the windows. 

Camera footage shows the man sauntering up to the doorstep and taking down his shorts before settling in to relieve himself

He took his time, staying nearly 5 minutes – the camera stops recording because it is motion activated

‘Last time [the dog] did this it turned out someone was trying to steal bikes, but we didn’t see anything, so we didn’t know anything until my wife got up to take the dog out.’

As soon as she opened the front door she was hit by the stench, the family said.

‘It was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen, two giant poos right on our doorstep’.

When the night-time pooper was finished, he stood straight, buttoned up and strolled away

They needed four plastic gloves to clear up the mess, using a whole bunch of dog poo bags, wipes, bleach and water to finally clear it all up.

‘When we checked the doorbell camera later we couldn’t believe our eyes,’ he said, adding: ‘It’s absolutely incredible that anyone could do this, so casually.

‘How can anyone imagine that it’s OK to do this to total strangers? It’s absolutely revolting. However desperate someone might be, using a doorstep as a toilet is disgusting, anti-social and gross.’

Do you know who this man is? Email [email protected] 

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