Four senior Republicans are revealed to be helping Kanye West secure a place on the 2020 ballot

FOUR senior Republican strategists are reportedly helping Kanye West to get on the ballot for the 2020 presidential race.

The connections to West were reported by The New York Times Tuesday, and raise questions about whether top Republicans view the rapper's campaign as a way to nab votes away from likely Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Mark Jacoby, an executive at a company called Let Voters Decide, has reportedly been linked to West's campaign. The company has been collecting signatures for the rapper's campaign in three states, according to The Times.

Gregg Keller, the former executive director of the American Conservative Union who was under consideration to be President Trump's campaign manager in 2015, was also listed as a contact for the campaign in Arkansas.

The other strategists linked to West's campaign include Chuck Wilton, who is listed as a convention delegate for Trump from Vermont and could potentially cast an Electoral College vote for West, and Republican elections lawyer Lane Ruhland.

Ruhland worked for the Republican National Committee during the 2016 presidential election recount in Wisconsin, according to The Times.

None of the four people who have been linked to West's campaign returned The Times' request for comment or confirmation.

West has already missed the deadline to appear on the 2020 ballot in several states, and it's unclear if he will be able to get the signatures required to appear on it in others.

On Monday, the rapper submitted the 1,000 signatures required to appear on the Arkansas ballot, just minutes before a noon deadline. He reportedly missed the Kansas deadline the same day.

TMZ reported that West missed deadlines to appear in New York and Maryland, but has filed to run in both Vermont and West Virginia.

The rapper named Michelle Tidball, a "biblical life coach," as his running mate shortly after he announced his plans to run for president in a tweet on the Fourth of July.

Tidball is reportedly listed on the ballot with West in Arkansas and West Virginia, but not in Vermont.

The move to get on ballots across the US comes as those close to West are reportedly worried about his mental state.

In his first campaign rally, held last month, West made a series of bizarre claims, including saying that Harriet Tubman didn't really free slaves and that he and wife Kim Kardashian West almost aborted their first daughter, North.

Kardashian West has spoken out about her husband's outbursts since, saying West is "brilliant but complicated" and she is "powerless" when he is experiencing a bi-polar episode.

The two are reportedly on vacation in an extremely remote location now, attempting to work through their marriage issues.

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