Fourth stimulus may be in jeopardy – so here's how you can make more cash during pandemic

THE fourth round of stimulus checks may be in jeopardy as government cash seems to be running out.

But a great number of struggling Americans still need more money to make ends meet- here is how you can make more cash during the pandemic.

Last week payments totalling more than $2billion were sent as the IRS sent out a further 1.1million payments as part of Joe Biden's Covid relief package.

Despite calls for a fourth round of checks, it seems that the government cash has run out.

More than 75 lawmakers now support a further round of stimulus checks, possibly with recurring monthly payments until the end of the pandemic.

Up until a decision has been made, there are a few things cash-strapped Americans can do to help themselves during the pandemic.

The first thing would be to take control of your debt.

Unsurprisingly,many struggling families have been depending on credit cards to pay the bills during the pandemic.

But the interest that will eventually need to be paid is going worsen the financial situation.

On the contrary, a lower-interest debt consolidation loan will enable families to cut interest costs and pay their debts faster.

Homeowners who have not refinance their loans last year might be missing out on savings.

According to Yahoo Finance, 13 million homeowners have an opportunity to save an average $283 a month with the typical mortgage rate dipping below 3 percent.

Another great tip would be to cut down on insurance.

Many car insurance companies have been offering discounts as people have been driving much less during the pandemic.

If your insurer does not offer any discount it is time to look for a better deal- the same would also apply to home insurance.

Lastly another way to make some cash is to use your spare change.

There is a number of apps that allow you to invest your "spare change" from everyday purchases in a diversified portfolio.

These tips might be able to help you to earn some cash up until a decision is made on the fourth round os stimulus checks.

As of this week, a petition for monthly recurring checks of $2,000 has racked up over two million signatures and appeared on's top 10 petitions that changed 2020.

The petition was started by Denver, Colorado-based restaurant owner Stephanie Bonin last year.

Support for the proposal has continued to grow since January when Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and 55 other Democratic legislators stressed the need for recurring payments in a letter to President Biden.

"Recurring payments would provide a long-term lifeline to struggling Americans for the duration of this deadly pandemic,” the letter read.

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