Gabriel Fernandez photos reveal he was shot in genitals and battered until skull felt like Rice Krispies

TRAGIC Gabriel Fernandez died from a series of horror injuries after being shot in the genitals with a gun and battered until his skull felt like "Rice Krispies", a horrified emergency room nurse said.

The sickening wounds sustained by the brutalized eight-year-old were like nothing doctors had ever seen, leaving medical staff "traumatised".

In horrific circumstances, the little boy was repeatedly beaten and tortured by his evil mother and her vicious partner before he died in 2013 — all because they thought he was gay.

After beating him to a pulp — to the point the defenceless child could barely move — his callous guardians rushed him to hospital, where he died two days later after being declared brain dead.

But while Netflix viewers have now been shown some of the horrendous photos of his injuries in new documentary series The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez, a nurse revealed they were far from the worst she saw first-hand during the trial.

Alison Segal told the court how they found evidence of BB gunshot wounds to his genitals, burns over his body, cat litter in his stomach and his skull left with the consistency of Rice Krispies.

"There were abrasions, there were open wounds," she recalled, according to KABC-TV.

"There was skin missing off the top of the neck, so there were multiple injuries on Gabriel — head-to-toe."

Segal added that Gabriel’s condition was so critical that she could not do a comprehensive assessment because he had to be rushed to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

"They had to resuscitate him with extreme measures," she added.

There was skin missing off the top of the neck, so there were multiple injuries on Gabriel — head-to-toe

Her words came after was on duty at Antelope Valley Hospital when Fernandez was transported to the infirmary.

Paramedics arrived at the boy's home to find him unconscious.

The court heard how the infant, unable to defend himself, sustained a cracked skull, three broken ribs and was riddled with bruises over his burnt skin.

He also had BB pellets embedded in his lung and groin, while two of his teeth and been knocked out.

The boy’s mother, Pearl Fernandez, 31, and her boyfriend, Isauro Aguirre, 35, were indicted in July by a grand jury on a charge of murder and a special circumstance of torture in Gabriel’s death.

The couple, who pleaded not guilty to the charges, could face the death penalty.

Grand jury testimony revealed that Pearl Fernandez had called 911 after she and Aguirre allegedly beat Gabriel for not picking up his toys.

After the beating, the boy went silent and stopped responding.

Paramedics had been called out to his house in Los Angeles by his mother Pearl, who claimed over the phone that he had slipped in the bathroom and hit his head.

The truth, however, was far more chilling.

In fact, she and her partner Isauro Aguirre had been severely beating the little boy for eight months — often in front of his terrified siblings.

In the months before Gabriel was killed, several agencies had investigated allegations of abuse without removing him from the home.

Superior Court Judge Mary Lou Villar said that "red flags were everywhere" during the months before Gabriel died.

Gabriel’s death sparked a larger probe into the county Department of Children and Family Services, which found that there was a long history of reports of abuse in the boy’s home.

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