George Floyd trial: Girlfriend Courtney Ross cries and reaches out to touch pic of him on screen in emotional moment

GEORGE Floyd's girlfriend tearfully recalled the "sweet" moment when he asked to "pray with her" during their first meeting as she testified at Derek Chauvin's murder trial on Thursday.

Courtney Ross, 45, reached out to touch the screen as she was shown a picture of the father-of-one after telling the jury of how they met at the Salvation Army and battled their opiod addiction together.

Ross told the jury that Floyd had changed after his mother's death and was a "shell of himself."

She also said that she had suspected that he started using again in March 2020, two months before his death, as his behaviour had changed.

Ross opening her testimony by explaining how Floyd had approached her while she was upset waiting to speak to the father of her children in a Salvation Army lobby.

She laughed as she recalled Floyd's "great, big, southern voice" asking her if she was OK during the meeting in August 2017.

"He said 'can I pray with you?'" Ross continued.

"I was so tired. I had been through so much, my sons and I.

"This kind person just to come up to me and say 'I’ll pray with you' when I felt alone in this lobby. It was so sweet. At the time, I had lost a lot of faith in God."

Ross said they began a relationship immediately and had remained together on and off through the almost three years before he died on May 25.

She broke down at seveal points during her testimony but appeared determined to continue.

"I can do it," she told the court.

Ross also detailed Floyd's opioid addiction and was questioned about how the 46-year-old had been hospitalized for several days in March for a suspected overdose.

She said she came across Floyd doubled up with pain that month after they had taken a two-month break in their relationship.

Ross claimed that both their battles with addiction had stemmed from their struggles with chronic pain her neck pain and Floyd's back pain.

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