GPs could be forced to give Skype video calls at height of coronavirus pandemic and set up ‘virus wards’

DOCTORS could be forced to give Skype video call appointments at the height of a coronavirus pandemic, the Chief Medical Officer warned today.

Professor Chris Whitty admitted today it was "highly likely" that a pandemic would break out in the UK as the deadly virus continues to spread.

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There will deaths in the UK because of the virus, and the NHS would have to shift its focus to deal with it too.

Two new cases in Scotland have brought the total number of confirmed cases in the UK to 53, with a peak expected in months rather than weeks.

Speaking this morning on BBC Radio 4: "The next stage would be cancelling, postponing elective (operations), which we can do later.

"We might have to go to more radical measures, video conference consultations, we should look at very seriously."

He added: "The peak of this will only last a few weeks, but during those few weeks we would have to reconfigure the NHS.

"We are going to have to do a lot of things very differently."

Hospitals have been told to see as many patients as they can via video calls now because their beds will be needed to treat sufferers in the near future.

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