Harvey Weinstein could serve his prison sentence and potentially the rest of his life at one of these New York prisons – The Sun

HARVEY Weinstein was sentenced on Wednesday for rape and sexual assault and will now go on to spend his 23-year sentence in a New York state prison.

Weinstein, who’s turning 68 years old, is “obviously not the picture of health,” his lawyer, Arthur Aidala, recently said.

The disgraced Hollywood movie producer is likely to spend time at the Fishkill Correctional Facility in Beacon, Aidala told The Hollywood Reporter.

The medium-security facility for men is located roughly 80 miles north of New York City, and Aidala said it has a hospital.

Per the Daily Mail, Weinstein could also end up at Coxsackie Correctional Facility, a maximum-security prison for men that has a medical unit in Greene County.

All New York state correctional facilities provide medical, dental and mental health services, according to the department’s website.

But before heading off to begin his next 23 years, Weinstein will undergo a thorough evaluation, including a comprehensive medical review, to determine which facility is best for his physical and security needs.

Weinstein’s defense team has long used his apparently deteriorating health as an excuse for a more lenient sentence.

Lawyer Donna Rotunno read in court a letter explaining his medical issues.

"Mr. Weinstein has a multitude of medical issues, there are lists of things that are physically wrong with him and are serious," she read aloud. "Mr. Weinstein has a history of heart disease in his family."

"This is a situation that the loss of freedom … will affect his ability to get the type of medical care he will need for the list of issues he is dealing with."

After his conviction on February 24, Weinstein was supposed to be taken to the notorious Rikers Island jail complex until his sentencing.

But instead, he was transported to Manhattan’s Bellevue Hospital for high blood pressure and heart palpitations and stayed there for more than a week.

Weinstein is said to have gotten into a car accident last summer and has suffered from back problems since after undergoing an unsuccessful surgery, per his attorneys.

He also apparently has a condition that requires a shot in his eyes so that he doesn’t go blind.

During his rape trial, Weinstein used a walker to get in and out of court, and on Wednesday, was wheeled into and out of his sentencing in a wheelchair.

Weinstein was taken to the maximum-security Downstate Correctional Facility — before he was transported to a hospital hours after, after complaining of chest pains.

His defense team begged the judge to give Weinstein five years, which was the minimum sentence, citing his age and poor health.

Weinstein has also been charged with sex assault in California, and on Wednesday the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office said it had started the extradition process for Weinstein.

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