How to cope when coronavirus wipes out toilet paper supplies

It’s a hot commode-ity.

Forget face masks, toilet paper rolls are flying off the shelves — and people are actually wondering if there are viable alternatives.

Newspapers and wet wipes are not designed to be flushed, but water is — and is the preferred method in many parts of the world, according to Metro UK, which got to the bottom of the dilemma.

Though not common in the US, bidets are standard fixtures as toilet companions that users straddle and wash their nether regions.

In the absence of a bidet, people can resort to using a lota, a jug that is a familiar sight in Asian households that use water to clean one’s privates.

The news outlet provides a hands-on guide on how to clean up after nature calls:

—  Fill the lota with lukewarm water.
— After doing your business, remain on the throne and lean forward, back or to the side.
— Pour copious amounts of water on the appropriate location.
— Use your hand to aid in the cleansing.
— Wash your hands thoroughly and dry up.

And in case this grosses you out, there’s always the option of reusable toilet paper, which is euphemistically known as “family cloth,” Kelly Corbett wrote in House Beautiful.

A typical roll consists of 20 cloth squares that usually composed of two layers of either cotton or flannel — and can be washed and used repeatedly.

“Some family cloth even comes in decorative patterns to help get your mind off the fact that this cloth has potentially touched the rear ends of numerous people,” she wrote.

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