I'm a Starbucks worker – here's the worst thing you can say to your barista

A STARBUCKS worker has revealed the worst thing a customer can say to the barista behind the counter.

TikTok user @notlikeothergurlz took to the social media site to say she replied with “umm and what is that” when someone came in and asked for “the usual”.

The footage shows the woman dressed in uniform at a Starbucks location.

Since being posted, two days ago the TikTok video has gone viral with around 100,000 views and has picked up more than 17,000 likes.

“Like yea i do know what it is but i hate u so feel silly and embarrassed,” the TikToker wrote in the video’s caption.

The post clearly chimed with other baristas who went to the comments section to add their own views.

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“LMAO one time this lady goes ‘the regular’ and i’m like ‘um sorry not sure what you mean’ and she’s like ‘you know me right’ and i’m like ‘yes,'” one commentator said of the footage.

“‘And ur name for the order?'” another viewer added, sharing their tactic for dealing with regulars.

“Humbling & embarrassing customers is my #1 passion (heart emoji) just girly things,” one user added.

Many commentators also said they would feel embarrassed to even order “the usual”.

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One user of the site said: “I would feel so embarrassed saying ‘just the usual’ lmfao like it’s embarrassing lowkey.”

Another added: “even if i know they know my order, i will nEver say ‘the usual’ i have zero confidence.”

Baristas also said they couldn’t be expected to remember what every regular ordered.

“I do not have the brain power to keep track of regulars and their orders unless we’ve had like a meaningful conversation or something,” one coffee shop worker wrote.

“No bc i genuinely forget what they order and they get confused as to why i haven’t memorised their order,” another said.


Earlier this month, another Starbucks worker took to Reddit to reveal how they got revenge on rude customers.

In a thread called "Confessions of a Starbucks Barista: What's Yours” they claimed to put decaffeinated coffee in their drink.

They vented: “Feel like I’m pretty universal when saying this, but when you think you’re entitled to anything and complain about a non-issue, you’re getting decaf and I’m not apologizing about your minor inconvenience.”

In the same thread, another shared their own experience.

One claimed: “This girl was a regular and always reaaaaally (sic) rude.

“The last straw was when she ranted that skim milk and non fat are different and I need to make sure I use skim – after I’d been through an eight-hour shift.

“She got decaf. Kind of felt bad but not really.”

And, a Starbucks employee, who works at a branch in Massachusetts, jokingly made a video to show how he protests against unpleasant customers.

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The TikToker, known only as Jacob, and his co-worker shared a glance before he punched two decaf espresso shots into the machine.

Various social media users flooded the comments section as one said: “Don’t be rude to food industry employees anywhere.”

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