Influencer plunges 160ft to her death in livestream with phone still in her hand while showing off to fans

AN influencer plunged 160ft to her death while videoing herself, with the phone still in her hand while she crashed to the ground.

The tower crane operator, who went by the online handle Xiaoqiumei, had more than 100,000 followers, regularly shared videos of her daily life and occupation operating the huge crane. 

According to reports from local media, she was 23 years old and was the mother of two young children.

Eyewitnesses who saw her fall to the ground said she had her phone in her hand while the tragedy unfolded, at 5.40pm on Tuesday, when most of her co-workers had left the site.

Video being shared widely online is reportedly the footage Xiaoqiumei was shooting as it bounced down the crane – although her family have denied that she would have been filming while making her descent.

They added that she was a professional at work, and kept her mobile phone in her bag during working hours.

Despite this, her family had confirmed she fell to her death while returning from a shift operating the crane near her home in the prefecture-level city of Quzhou, in western China's Zhejiang Province.

They said that she simply missed a step and fell as a result.

Her funeral and cremation have already taken place with her ashes placed on a small table under an umbrella as per local traditions.

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