Is it illegal to let my dog off the lead in the UK?

WALKING your dog can be the highlight of your fluffy companion's day.

Before you let them run free, be vigilant of the areas you are in when you are planning to let your dog off its lead.

Is it illegal to let my dog off the lead in the UK?

While it isn't illegal to let your dog off of its lead in the UK, you do have to take extra precautions.

It is advised that dogs stay on their lead in certain areas including near a road, at a children's play park and near sports pitches.

Beaches may be a popular place for people to take their dogs, some will require dogs to be on leads or outright ban them from being there.

Make sure you're always checking the area you're in for signs before letting your dog off.

Before you plan to take your dog off the lead for the first time, train your dog to come back when you call for them.

Where can you walk a dog off its lead?

Dogs are able to be off their leads in a whole host of places.

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Some of the more favourable places for dog walkers are large expanses of land such as parks and wooden areas.

When your dog is off its lead, make sure you are keeping an eye out and keeping them close to you at all times.

While dogs are generally friendly to strangers, try to stop your dog from approaching anyone it doesn't know.

Some parks will have designated dog areas for your four-legged friend to run free.

How much could I be fined for letting my dog off its lead?  

You may be fined if you break the Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO).

Local authorities may impose a PSPO in areas that can require dogs to be on a lead or ban dogs from an area altogether.

Breaching a PSPO can mean a £100 on the spot fine.

Larger fines can be imposed if your dog is off the lead and not under control.

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