Karen doesn't think TikToker 'looks' disabled enough for parking spot

Karen doesn’t think TikToker ‘looks’ disabled enough for handicap parking spot – so he confronts her with his missing leg

  • Australian influencer Paniora Nukunuku posted a clip of the incident Saturday
  • An elderly woman asked him whether he could park in the disabled spot
  • Nukunuku has a prosthetic leg, and had his disabled parking permit on display
  • He was angered by his questioning whether he was allowed to park there
  • Nukunuku followed the woman into McDonald’s and confronted her
  • She tried to say some people borrowed permits who were not entitled to them
  • Nukunuku is now asking McDonald’s to release the footage of their dispute 

An Australian social media influencer man confronted an elderly woman in McDonalds after she questioned his disabled parking permit, and angrily showed her his prosthetic leg.

Paniora Nukunuku, a social worker based in Sydney, was challenged by the woman while he was sitting in his car.

He uploaded the footage of the encounter on TikTok, sharing it with his 158,000 followers.

‘Obviously you can’t see my disability if I’m in the car, so please tell me why this old lady thought it would be a great idea to approach me and knock on my window and demand to know whether this is mine or not?’ he said.

Paniora Nukunuku uploaded the footage of his encounter to TikTok on Saturday

Nukunuku showed off his disabled parking permit in his video

He then showed off his artificial leg, which gave him the right to have a disabled parking spot


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He captioned the video: ‘You are not the disability police.’

Nukunuku, who highlights discrimination on his social media accounts, then followed the woman into McDonalds, and showed her his missing leg.

She said she ‘desperately needs it’, and ‘that there were times’ – but he cuts her off before she can finish.

‘Is it because I don’t look disabled? Is it because I don’t look old that you want to approach me?’ he says.

He captioned the video on Instagram: ‘putting people in their place for having the audacity to question people’s disabilities’.

The woman was visible in Nukunuku’s rear view mirror in the parking lot

The lady attempted to explain, but Nukunuku cut her off during their heated encounter

Nukunuku says he asked McDonald’s to provide him with the surveillance footage of the woman approaching his vehicle.

They told him they were unable to hand over any footage unless it is being requested by law enforcement.

The TikTok user says he drove to the police station in an attempt to file a police report, but the police said they could not help as the woman had not committed any crime.

Nukunuku is now urging his followers to demand on social media that McDonald’s hand over the footage.

‘This is why boomers suck,’ he says. ‘Because for some reason old people are the only group of people that can be disabled people.’

But some users are questioning the TikTok user’s intentions and why he would need video of the encounter.

‘I’m confused as to why you need the footage?’ @angiepamje said. ‘It’s happened, you’ve reacted, we’ve learned from the lady’s mistakes. Time to move on.’

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