Let's applaud ALL Britain's heroes!

Let’s applaud ALL Britain’s heroes! Amid the doom and gloom, the coronavirus crisis has brought out the best in so many, from super nurses to marvellous medics

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Frontliners who never stop helping 

Ambulance worker Hollie Dowling and firefighter Scott Pearson, right, put their lives on the line every day. But instead of going to bed after their gruelling shifts, they shop for vulnerable neighbours. Hollie, 32, from Wookey Hole, Somerset, has supermarket shopping lists for five different vulnerable people. She says: ‘Our neighbours are 92 and 87. Others suffer from Parkinson’s and other health issues so it’s right we help them.’ Hollie, who works as an emergency care assistant at South West Ambulance Service, says she and her boyfriend are determined to do as much as they can to help the public. Scott adds: ‘The other day, after finishing our night shifts, I went to deliver prescriptions while Hollie went to the supermarket and shopped for vulnerable people who can’t get out of their properties. We both want to help people as much as possible.’ 

NHS Coronavirus heroes: Ambulance worker Hollie Dowling and Firefighter Scott Pearson

Kindness Blossoms

Little Ella Merrett, right, left bunches of spring flowers and notes reading ‘Stay Safe. Love from Ella, aged 4’ on the doorsteps of people selfisolating in Allesley Park in Coventry. The flowers came from her florist grandmother Paula, 42, who had a surplus after cancelled orders. She says: ‘It was all Ella’s doing. She wrote all the cards herself and signed each with a kiss and a circle, which represents a hug.’ 

Ella Merrett, 4, is leaving flowers on ill people’s doorsteps and getting thank you cards in return

Marvellous Medics 

Three doctors are putting in extra hours to ensure that all NHS heroes have proper protective equipment. London GP Mona Barzin, right, Dr Salaj Masand, centre, who is treating coronavirus patients in Kent, and neurosurgeon Ravi Visagan, far right, are buying protective gear through a crowdfunding webpage to supply medical workers with visors, masks and gowns. So far the trio have raised £154,904 – nearing their £200,000 target – and will donate the equipment directly to those NHS hospitals most in need. 

Dr Mona Barzin started training in obstetrics & gynaecology before retraining to become a GP

Mr Ravi Visagan is a neurosurgery Registrar working at King’s College Hospital, London

Dr Salaj Masand trained at Cambridge and King’s College London. He is working in General Adult Medicine in Kent and will be taking care of many unwell COVID-19 patients

Hero ex-soldier

As well as distributing homework sheets to pupils in lockdown, assistant head teacher Zane Powles, right, is delivering free meals to youngsters in Grimsby – a roll, cake, apple and crisps. The former Grenadier Guard says: ‘I like to stay fit and healthy. This is definitely the safest option for the kids – I fear some would not be eating properly otherwise.’ 

Zane Powles hailed as a hero for delivering children’s school meals in virus crisis

Rainbow Smiles 

Alice Aske, 34, from Cheddar, Somerset, came up with the idea of children drawing rainbows and hanging them in their front windows to ‘brighten up people’s day’. Passers-by can give those stuck inside a cheery wave. Mum Alice, right, says she is flabbergasted by the huge response, adding: ‘I wanted to spread some hope, joy and happiness.’ 

Alice Aske started a Facebook group encouraging kids to draw rainbows to everyone’s delight

Super Nurse 

After working a 12-hour shift, nurse Lucy Duncan, 24, went to the aid of an elderly man whose car crashed with hers on Thursday evening. The pensioner, who was drifting in and out of consciousness, told her he’d been trapped indoors with coronavirus symptoms for more than a week. Lucy, above, who works at the Wigan Infirmary, rang for an ambulance and then waited alongside the 73-year-old at A&E for the next five hours. She says: ‘It was awful to see someone so poorly. He was squeezing my hand as he struggled to take a breath.’ Sadly, the pensioner was reported to have died last night.

NHS Coronavirus heroes: Lucy Duncan rushed to a the aid of an elderly man who crashed his car into hers and stayed with him despite having just finished a grueling nursing shift

Sanitiser Saint

Gym boss Luke Willmott, above, had already stockpiled gel for his customers so when the virus hit, he decided to hand out 1,000 bottles to the homeless and vulnerable people in Nottingham. He says: ‘I’m trying to ensure they get to the people who need them.’ 

ItGym owner Luke Willmott, 30, is giving homeless 1,000 bottles of hand sanitiser

Dishing out dough

 Louisa Needham and ten-year-old daughter Olivia, below, have been baking bread for elderly neighbours in Roborough in South Hams, Devon. Louisa, 28, says: ‘The village has many elderly and with shop shelves stripped bare, their No1 wish is to have fresh bread.’ The pair are also distributing ‘weekend hampers’ of sandwiches, scones and brownies – spraying door knockers with Dettol as they go. 

Louisa Needham and her 10-year-old daughter Olivia have risen to the occasion…by baking bread for her elderly neighbours who are in isolation and can’t get regular supplies 

Billy’s pet project

Kennel owner Billy Woodhouse, left, has gone out of business because of the virus – but he has refused to close his doors. Instead, he’s looking after NHS workers’ pets for free while they are at work. The 21-year-old is offering the same service – at a discounted price – for patients in hospital. His Hatton Boarding Kennels in Shifnal, Shropshire, is currently caring for six dogs whose owner is in intensive care with the virus. ‘At least her family don’t have the stress of having to find a home for her dogs,’ he says. The lucky pets are walked three times a day. 

Billy Woodhouse with Rosie whose owner is a nurse for the NHS. A boarding kennels is offering key workers FREE dog care after having all of their bookings cancelled up until July

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