Married man 'took special needs girlfriend to S&M photo shoot and tied her naked to pole to watch her suffocate'

A MAN took his 4-foot special needs girlfriend to the Nevada desert and tricked her into thinking they would do an S&M photo shoot, but tied her to a signpost and watched her die, according to a criminal complain.

John Chapman, 40, will be formally charged with kidnapping that resulted in the death of Jamie Rae Feden, 33, who was dead, naked and bound at a signpost.

Chapman was initially arrested a month after the body of the 75-pound woman was found on October 5 just outside Las Vegas.

He has now allegedly admitted to killing Jamie for her money, according to the complaint.

Chapman will be formally charged next month, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports.

If convicted, he faces life in prison.

Jamie suffered from VATER syndrome, which is a series of birth defects that affect several parts of the body and caused her short height.

Chapman had been living in Pennsylvania, with a wife named Maureen he had married almost a year before he was arrested.

Maureen claimed she had no idea Chapman was dating Jamie until he called from the police department and confessed to her.

Authorities said Chapman drove Jamie from Bethel Park, Pennsylvania to Las Vegas in mid-September.

They said he took her on vacation and to go house hunting.

According to a court affidavit signed by FBI Special Agent Jesse Laramee: "However, Chapman had planned to kill (Feden) before they left Pennsylvania and he had a kill kit ready before their departure for Nevada."

Laramee also wrote in the affidavit that sometime around September 25, "Chapman convinced (Feden) to drive into the desert under the pretext of participating in an S&M (sadomasochistic/bondage) themed photo shoot" in Lincoln County, Nevada.

It continued: "Chapman stated he bound (Feden's) hands and feet with plastic zip ties and affixed her to a signpost.

"He then applied duct tape to her mouth and then to her nose until such time she was unable to breathe. He then watched (Feden) die from asphyxiation."

The FBI said Chapman returned to Pennsylvania after killing her, lived at Jamie's house and used her Facebook Messenger to pose as her so her family and friends did not become suspicious.

Police went to do a wellness check at her home in Bethel Park after she hadn't been seen since September 15.

Maureen said she was in disbelief when Chapman called her confessing.

She was then led to question their entire relationship and and his "double life", including claims of when he was visiting family and lying about his job.

Maureen said Chapman told her he was taking her truck to Las Vegas for a work trip after seeing family in Bethel Park.

The truck is now considered key evidence in the investigation.

Chapman reportedly told Maureen: "I killed her because I had to."

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