Model’s haunting final selfies she sent to her mum hours before mysteriously dying on riverboat trip

THESE are the haunting final pictures of a Brazilian model the day before her body was found in a river.

Yasmin Cavaleiro de Macedo, 21, shared the selfies with her mother shortly before she vanished while on a boat trip on December 12.

Her body was found floating in the Maguari River near the city of Belem in the Brazilian state of Para the day after she went missing.

During the afternoon, the model shared photos and video clips she took during the boat trip with her mum.

At around 10 pm, the veterinary student spoke with her mother on the phone, and one hour later, she had reportedly vanished.

After her mother had learned that her daughter had disappeared and travelled to the area to assist with the search.

Firefighters found the young woman's body the following afternoon.

The local police said: "All the appropriate procedures are being carried out, including organising the autopsy, which will establish the cause of the woman's death."

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The case is reportedly being investigated by the Eastern Amazon Ports Authority (CPAOR) to "find out possible causes and those responsible for what happened".

One theory they are exploring is that she may have fallen from the boat.

However, authorities did not say how many people were on the trip and whether they were wearing life vests.

In the videos, the 21-year-old model is seen posing in sunglasses and a bikini while enjoying the sunny afternoon on the boat.

Another clip shows the Maguari River at sunset with music playing in the background.

The police have said the investigation into the model's mysterious death is ongoing.

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