Mouldy roast dinner and rotting rhubarb crumble found in filthy pub kitchen

HORRIFIED health inspectors shut down a Devon pub after discovering a rotting roast dinner and mouldy rhubarb crumble in the kitchen.

Officials found a catalogue of hygiene horrors on a visit to the filthy White Hart in Cullompton.

They spotted traces of E.coli on a dishcloth, swarms of flies, decaying dinners and worktops littered with unwashed equipment.

The boozer's landlady has been fined thousands of pounds after admitting a series of food hygiene breaches.

However, a court heard the pub is back open – and serving customers – once again.

Judges heard inspectors were met with the smell of rotting food when they checked the kitchen.

Work surfaces were covered with food packaging and dirty dish cloths.

The fryers, griddle and microwaves were greasy. Decomposed food – including a rotting crumble and rancid butter – was found inside.

Traces of E. coli were also found on dish cloths inside the revolting restaurant.

Owner Jane Tadman has now been fined thousands of pounds after she appeared in court to admit six food hygiene offences.

The catalogue of food hygiene offences committed in pub kitchen

Tadman admitted failing to:

  • Keep the food premises clean, maintained and in good repair and condition by the filthy condition of the kitchen, equipment and utensils
  • Effectively clean and disinfect articles, fittings and equipment
  • Store raw materials and ingredients in appropriate conditions designed to prevent harmful deterioration and protect them from contamination
  • Remove food waste from areas where other food was pesent as quickly as possible
  • Protect food against any contamination likely to render it unfit for human consumption
  • Put in place, implement and maintain a food safety management system

Exeter Magistrates' Court heard raw food wasn't properly stored, and rubbish hadn't been taken out.

Work surfaces, electrical sockets and even the kitchen doors were crusted with grime.

District Judge Matson said: "The kitchen was found in a filthy condition, with mouldy, rotten and out of date food.

"Food taken away for analysis showed E. coli present.

"The premises were visited again by council officers on July 11 2019 and it was found the kitchen had not improved."

Tadman was ordered to pay out a total of £6,700 by the court.

Mid Devon District councillor Dennis Knowles, said that "given the severity of the conditions" at the pub, the prosecution may well have stopped customers from "becoming extremely ill, or worse still, losing their lives".

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