Mum’s warning after daughter, 5, put on life support when she accidentally overdosed on brother’s ADHD medication

A FIVE-YEAR-OLD girl is fighting for her life after she swallowed her brother’s ADHD tablets.

And now her devastated mother warns parents to lock up their medication out of toddlers' reach.

Mum-of-four, Jessica Geiszler, found her young daughter beside an empty packet of pills on Tuesday morning.

She had used a chair to climb up and reach her brother’s medication on top of the refrigerator.

An ambulance rushed the young girl to hospital in Queensland, Australia after it was found she had swallowed up to 10 of her older brother’s tablets for autism and ADHD.

Jessica's eight-year-old son normally takes half a tablet of catapres a day, her daughter took up to 20 times his dosage. 

“My heart is filled with guilt and sadness,” she said.

“I now have learned from my mistakes and want to spread the awareness of this and make sure it doesn't happen again."

The devastated mother told Kidspot  that her daughter was found with the tablet shells after the accidental overdose.

“She was severely drowsy and during the ambulance ride I was so anxious because I didn't know what the outcome was going to be,” Jessica says.

“I was angry, upset and severely stressed.

“The doctors told me that if I didn't get to the hospital when I did she could have been in a lot worse situation.”

It’s not known exactly how many tablets the five-year-old swallowed, but they believe it was no more than ten.

The young girl was put on life support and sedated in hospital to allow the medication to take its course safely.

More than a day later she was taken out of sedation and is slowly waking but "is still not out of the woods yet".

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