New Yorkers gather to celebrate after Chauvin guilty verdict

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New Yorkers gathered and marched across the city in droves on Tuesday evening to celebrate the conviction of former Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin in the murder of George Floyd.

Cheers and car honking erupted around the Big Apple — from Harlem to Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn — as the guilty verdict came down.

“I was in my house we were watching the news and we all screamed, ‘Yeah!,’” Beatrice Samuel, 29, of Flatbush, told The Post.

She was one of hundreds who made their way to Barclays Center in the aftermath of the decision — including director Spike Lee, who was spotted tooling around on his bike and saying hello to passerbys.

Some celebrated by dancing to “Fight the Power” by Public Enemy, footage on Twitter showed.

“I’m happy! I’m gonna take a shot to this trial,” said Sharissee Maxwell, 28, of Fort Greene.

Mayoral candidate Maya Wiley spoke to the crowd at Barclays, telling them, “This verdict is a moment of justice for the nation — what we do next is up to us.”

The group, which grew to about a thousand, then began marching on Flatbush Avenue, chanting “One nation, abolition” and “Can’t bring justice. Only revolution.”

Speaking to protesters on the corner of Flatbush and Atlantic Avenues, Public Advocate Jumaane Williams said: “We got a little piece of accountability… but I don’t think it heals a wound.”

Meanwhile, dozens of protestors gathered at the Adam Clayton Powell Jr. State Office Building in Harlem — and broke out into ecstatic cheers of “Black Lives Matter” when the verdict was read, according to video on social media.

Hundreds of people were also in Union Square when the decision came down, including many who’d come out earlier in the day for a free-weed event.

Black Lives Matter Greater New York co-founder Hawk Newsome addressed a crowd of protesters, leading them in a chant of “Power to the people!,” his fist raised in the air.

“If it was not for us, if it was not for America standing up and saying ‘Black Lives Matter,’ this wouldn’t have happened!,” he said into a megaphone.

Several dozen demonstrators flocked to Times Square, before marching toward Ninth Avenue and heading downtown, chanting “Say his name. George Floyd” and “No justice. No peace.”

They carried signs that read “Justice for George Floyd,” “Accountability is Not Justice” and “Jail All Killer Cops!”

One of the protesters, Isaiah Fenichel, 23, a Mt. Vernon resident and organizer with Strategy for Black Lives, said he was left feeling “bittersweet” by the verdict.

“I’m very happy to see Derek Chauvin be convicted,” Fenichel said. “I am very happy that the system worked in that regard.”

However, he added, “I’m also cognizant of the fact that it hasn’t worked for so many other people.”

Additional reporting by Ben Brachfeld

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