Offering tax cuts to employers who hire veterans will turbocharge Britain’s economy – The Sun

Balancing act

SPRING budgets are balancing acts. So finding a policy which works for the entire country is near enough impossible.

But on this occasion, the Government seems to have managed it.

Offering a sizeable tax cut to employers who hire veterans is clearly a fitting way to give our servicemen and women the leg-up in life they so richly deserve.

But, crucially, it will also turbocharge ­Britain’s economy.

Why? Because thanks to their rigorous training in managing and motivating staff and maintaining a positive attitude in trying circumstances, veterans could plug gaps in Britain’s workforce.

Of course, politicians have a duty to help veterans even when it isn’t economically savvy to do so.

And this announcement must be coupled with swift action on ending vexatious lawsuits.

But as budget proposals go, a policy which opens doors for our veterans AND fires up our economy sounds good to us.

More where this came from please, Mr Sunak.


STOCKPILING isn’t the answer to the ­coronavirus crisis.

We understand people are worried about their families, but bulk-buying — and encouraging others to do the same in the process — is short-sighted.

If this crisis gets as serious as predicted, supplies really might become limited.

And it wouldn’t be fair if supermarkets were wiped clean by those with the means to stock up in advance.

Countries that have dealt with the virus well are the ones where the public has pulled together.

So instead of racing after piles of loo roll, we should take a leaf out of Singapore’s book and visit elderly neighbours before “social distancing” kicks in.

Calm like Ma’am

IT is safe to say that the Royal Family hasn’t covered itself in glory recently.

But by vowing to carry on with her duties in the face of coronavirus fears, our salt-of-the-earth monarch has proved her immense worth yet again this week.

Watching her go about her day-to-day business will give reassurance and comfort to millions.

And should serve as a timely reminder that the show must go on.

Chip & sin

ANY hipster cafe owner worth their salt will tell you going cashless is the future.

And it looks like Britain’s drug dealers have been listening: Today, we reveal that gangs of them are taking chip & pin payments in exchange for cocaine.

So if your bank statement shows “white goods” you don’t remember buying, you should have a word with your partner.

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