Port Authority head infected with coronavirus says he feels ‘good’ quarantined at home

A smiling Rick Cotton, the coronavirus-stricken head of the Port Authority, said he felt “good” Tuesday as he opened the front door of his Manhattan home to pick up a bag left on the ground.

Wearing a navy blue robe tied at the waist, Cotton cracked open the door about a third of the way and picked up the white plastic bag, which had “Duane Reade by Walgreens” written on it.

When asked by The Post how he felt, he smiled and said “Good” before closing the door at East 78th Street.

Cotton’s wife, Elizabeth Smith, president of the Central Park Conservancy, also has been diagnosed with the bug and has been working remotely, the group said Monday.

“I’m feeling good. We are self-quarantined. We are looking forward to the two weeks to taking care of ourselves,” she said in a brief phone interview.

Anthony Santella, an associate professor of public health at Hofstra University, said there was no reason to worry that the infected official opened the door.

“The virus is passed person to person through droplets of saliva or mucus from coughs or sneezes,” he told The Post.

Unless he was standing within six feet of someone while coughing or sneezing, his action posed no real danger, said Santella, who noted that the only thing to be careful about is not touching a surface that he touched.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday said that Cotton would be working from home. The PA chief and his “senior leadership team” are under a 14-day quarantine, officials later added.

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