‘Pure anger’: Court docs show alleged Boulder shooter beat classmate

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Alleged Boulder, Colo. supermarket shooter Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa said he “blacked out” during a 2017 assault on an alleged school bully — as their teacher described Alissa wearing a “look of pure anger,” police documents on the incident reportedly reveal.

The incident report, obtained Wednesday by The Daily Beast, sheds new light on the beatdown carried out by the man now charged with murdering 10 innocent people inside a King Soopers grocery store.

Toward the end of a fifth-period math class in Nov. 2017 at Arvada West High School, a student heard Alissa bring up classmate Alex Kimose, saying, “I’m going to slap the s–t out of that kid someday,” according to the report.

With that, Alissa, then 18, got up, walked over to Kimose, knocked him to the floor and started waling on him, witnesses told police.

Alissa had a “look of pure anger” on his face as he pummeled Kimose, according to teacher Stephanie Bashford, who separated the two to end the attack.

“What the f–k?” was the only response offered by a bloodied and stunned Kimose, who did not fight back against Alissa, according to the report.

Alissa then turned himself in at the assistant principal’s office, and filled out a written school incident report in which he claimed that Kimose had been bullying him for a year prior to the attack, including subjecting him to ethnic slurs and calling him a “terrorist,” according to the police report.

Alissa wrote that he “could not take it anymore, so I blacked out and rushed him. … I don’t remember [the] incident that much.”

The Syria-born Alissa later claimed to an investigating cop that Kimose’s taunts included “sand n—-r,” and that Kimose posted an unflattering video of him on Snapchat in which he called him a “nerd.”

The final straw, Alissa told police, was when he saw Kimose and some other students laughing during math class.

Though Alissa admitted he didn’t know what prompted the laughter, he was convinced that it was at his expense.

The attack left Kimose vomiting in the school nurse’s office with a swollen eye, a bloody nose and a cut cheek, according to the report.

He could not immediately be reached for comment.

Alissa was charged with misdemeanor assault and ultimately found guilty in 2018, according to reports citing court documents.

Older brother Ali Alissa has said that the alleged shooter is mentally ill, with his paranoia becoming evident as he was bullied throughout high school.

In 2018, Alissa again crossed paths with Arvada police, when he was accused of helping another older brother, Imad, trash the belongings of Imad’s ex-girlfriend, according to another police report obtained by The Daily Beast.

The report indicates, however, that the allegation was eventually deemed “unfounded.”

On Monday, Alissa’s well-documented rage apparently bubbled over when he opened fire at the King Soopers, killing 10 people including responding cop and father-of-seven Eric Talley, authorities allege.

After he was shot in the right thigh, Alissa stripped nearly naked, surrendered to authorities and asked for his mother, according to an affidavit.

He is set to make an initial court appearance Thursday morning.

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