Stimulus check update – 12 important details to know if you receive Social Security benefits

FOR Americans who receive Social Security benefits, there are a number of things to keep in mind regarding your receipt of the latest round of the $1,400 stimulus check.

Although most people who are eligible for the third stimulus check likely have already received them, there are 12 important details those who are Social Security recipients should know about their checks.

Those who receive Social Security payments in addition to most SSI and SSDI payments, and retired railroad workers are eligible for the stimulus.

Many should have received their payment on April 7 if you have direct deposit set up with the IRS.

Those who receive veterans benefits should have received their funds on April 14 if they don't usually file taxes.

People who used the Non-filers tool in 2020 and didn't have a significant change in circumstances over the year will automatically receive a check as part of an ongoing stimulus payment batch.

Likewise, you could get a larger check coming soon if you claim dependents.

If you live in a mixed-citizenship family, there are different rules that regard how you and your loved ones receive their checks. It's best to check with a tax expert or the IRS if you believe you or others are eligible but have not yet received a check.

Stimulus checks can be seized by private debt collectors, but not for past-due child support payments.

People will need to file a 2020 tax form to claim any missing stimulus money from the previous checks, even if you don't file taxes normally.

You can likewise file a 2020 tax form to claim your dependents for the third stimulus check.

Fear not if you don't know if you are eligible – the government will ramp up efforts to let taxpayers know if they're eligible for the checks and any other funds available.

If you're missing part of the third stimulus check, it likely will be paid out in the 2021 tax season, meaning you'll see that money next year, so you'll have to file a tax return to claim those funds.

And lastly, although there isn't news of a fourth stimulus check just yet, many are pushing for its release.

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