Thug stabbed emergency services worker, 36, in the heart in ‘row over a CAP’ outside hospital – The Sun

A MAN who needlessly stabbed an emergency services worker in the heart in a 'row over a CAP' was pinned down and brought to justice by an off-duty police officer.

Mohammed Alinoor Uddin, 36, was drunk and on drugs when he was approached by a concerned emergency worker outside the Royal London Hospital, in Whitechapel, East London.

The victim had been attempting to quell a fight between Uddin and another man in October last year, a court heard on Friday.

But instead, Uddin pulled a blade from his waistband and plunged it into the 34-year-old emergency services worker.

Critically injured, the victim was heard crying: "Please help me, don’t stab me."

The court heard that Uddin shouted back: "Pick up my cap and throw it back to me or I am going to stab you again," the Metro reported.

He swung again but narrowly missed a second time.

Off-duty officer, PC Matt Evans, saw the commotion as he was walking down the road and ran to help.

Uddin then fled the scene, only to be chased by the West Midlands officer who restrained him until more officers arrived.

Pick up my cap and throw it back to me or I am going to stab you again.

PC Evans explained: "When I saw the guy being stabbed, for me there wasn’t a choice to make, I had to stop him before he killed someone."

It was just by sheer luck that the attack occurred outside the hospital and the victim was able to be operated on immediately.

The Metropolitan Police said: "The victim’s injury was so serious that doctors were forced to operate in the reception area of the hospital."

Doctors were reportedly forced to use a saw to open his chest and ease pressure on his heart, saying he would have died if he was not so close to the hospital.

The Met also praised the actions of PC Mat Evans, saying "the outcome could have been far worse".


In sentencing, the Common Serjeant of London Richard Marks QC, said: "You were armed with a knife and you were substantially under the influence of drink and class A drugs.

"It appears (the victim) may have intervened in an altercation you were having with another individual at the scene.

"You produced a knife and you stabbed him in the chest through the heart.

"You tried to stab him a second time, but you missed. He needed emergency life-saving treatment without which he would have died.

"It is extremely fortunate, and through nothing you did, that you did not find yourself facing a charge of murder."

Judge Marks noted Uddin's previous convictions for robbery and possessing knives in public and branded him a "dangerous offender".

The Old Bailey heard that Uddin, of Well Street, Tower Hamlets, had just been released from prison in July last year on licence as part of a 12-month jail sentence imposed in January for a prior burglary.

Uddin was charged with attempted murder and was sentenced to 12 years and nine months in prison after he pleaded guilty to wounding with intent as well as battery of an emergency worker.


Detective Constable Gavin Markey, who led the investigation, said: “This was a brutal attack and it is only by sheer luck that the victim was in the grounds of the hospital and able to receive immediate medical treatment.

"Had he not been so close by, doctors have made it clear he would have died.

“We must also recognise the vital intervention of the off-duty officer who saw what was happening and acted instinctively, risking his life to try and prevent the attack becoming more serious."

Off-duty officer PC Evans also said he was "glad everything turned out well in the end" and "doctors, nurses, and hospital staff performed a miracle in saving that man’s life."

The victim required ongoing medical treatment but has since made a full recovery.

It's not the first time a good Samaritan has been attacked while helping out.

A female hospital worker was repeatedly stabbed in the head with scissors at Newham University Hospital in June last year, according to shocked colleagues.

The 50-year-old victim, who works as an emergency department assistant, was knifed by a 27-year-old man at the hospital in East London.

And a man wearing nothing but his Y-fronts walked into a GP surgery in east London and began a horrific stabbing rampage.

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