TikTok’s Color Personality Test: How to take it and what is your color?

TIK Tok’s color personality test has captivated the attention of the platform’s users who have been flocking to take the fun challenge.

As well as awesome videos, users have been rushing to share the results of the test with their followers.

What is TikTok’s Color Personality Test?

The test assigns people a pigment based on their personality after taking a series of questions.

Question examples include: "How do you behave with your friends?" and "What do you enjoy doing on the weekend?"

“How do you behave in front of your friends" and "What kind of atmosphere do you like when you play with your friends?" are among the other questions.

It’s reportedly based upon a very real personality profiling system that was designed to categorise at-risk children. 

How Can I take the Color Personality Test

To find what color you are inside simply go to ktestone.com. 

The test prompts you to answer 12 short questions about yourself, including queries about your habits, temper and behavior.

What does the color mean?

Once you’ve answered the questions, the test will assign you a color personality and some details about the personality type.

There's also a rundown of the negative parts of your personality type.

For example Ocean Bay is: "I'm introverted but my personality changes depending on the situation, I don't know myself well, I don't like to take the lead!

“But the attention is good! I'm good at noticing other people's feelings and empathizing with them! “I'm the king of consideration!

“Relationships with people are narrow but deep! Lazy perfectionist! I like to plan things to plan. If you do as planned, you'll feel better!"

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